Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lia Sophia Party

Thursday night was my first Lia Sophia party experience.
The Lia Sophia jewelry representative Hayley is an old friend from college. Tricia hosted the party at her new condo in Salem. She made a ton of delicious apps for us to munch on including Spinach Artichoke Dip and chicken quesadillas. We drank refreshing red and white sangria alongside. 
There was also plenty of chips, salsa, and fresh veggies
And meatballs in a basket pictured below made by the lady above.
My plates
After good eats it was time for glamorous jewels. Check out the spread Hayley's had going on in the living room.
Hayley's enthusiasm for the jewelry and the Lia Sophia company as a whole makes her a joy to listen to. She has a genuine love for the business and the pieces she sells.
She has a vast knowledge about any and everything Lia Sophia. In case you wanted to know, Lia and Sophia are the names of the daughters who's mothers own the company. I love when fun facts like that are shared.
I don't own any Lia Sophia jewelry as I learned about the company only recently. However, as of next Thursday I will own a pair of dangly silver earrings. I wanted to purchase so much more!
We were offered a great deal: Buy three pieces, get the most expensive piece for 1/2 price. It was enticing, but my will power won out in the end. (In the back of my mind was that large credit card is what it is this month.) As a hostess you get incredible deals and a free piece of jewelry, so Tricia made out well.
If you have any interest in hosting a party, definitely contact Hayley through her website. She is passionate about the jewelry she sells and a great gal to welcome into your home for a night of sipping wine with girlfriends and trying on fun necklaces, bracelets, rings, all of the above galore.
Have you ever been to a Lia Sophia party? What did you think? Did you buy any jewelry?

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