Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Man v. Food Season 3 Premiere

He's baaaack! The Travel Channel's Man v. Food premieres next Wednesday, June 16th @ 9:30 E/P in the city of Boulder, Colorado. If you haven't had a chance to check out the show (I've only watched a few episodes myself) here's the low down on the premise and the man in front of the camera:
Adam Richman is a food fanatic who travels around the country discovering the biggest and best meals our nation has to offer. As a young boy growing up in New York City, he had a desire to Though he's had no professional culinary training, he's held numerous jobs in the food and restaurant industry. Adam's ultimate hunger quest finds him on an incredible nationwide journey where he headfirst, no regrets, takes on extreme food challenges.

For example: In season 1 Adam visited Boston and took part in the infamous Eagles Deli Challenge: Challenge Burger 5lbs of beef, 20 slices of cheese, 20 slices of bacon and of course what’s a burger without fries, our challenge burger comes with 5lbs of em!
I assume this photo was taken in the midst of the chow-down. Holy mother of god. I'm no stranger to Eagle's Deli, and in fact I can barely finish a regular burger and fries. (They cured many a hangover back in the days when I lived right down the street in Brookline. Love their food!)

What's super cool about the Season 3 premiere is the fact that it takes place in Boulder, Colorado. What's so special about Boulder you ask?
a) My good friends (and faithful III followers) Laura and Craig live there.
b) I traveled to Boulder back in April and went to two (out of three) of the places Adam will be visiting in this episode!!

Man v. Mountain Pie. First up Adam visits Beau Jo's where he attempts to conquer one of Colorado's legendary 14 lb. Sicilain pizzas with a mile high crust and an avalanche of toppings. [Since I love Sicilian pizza, and missed Beau Jo's the first time around, looks like I need to make a trip back!]Man v. Saddlebags. Up next he heads to local breakfast joint The Buff where there is no doubt in my mind he will succeed at finishing the Saddlebags Pancakes. Pancakes filled with your choice of diced bacon, sliced sausage, or diced ham, topped with two eggs.
I am not sure if he will have that exact dish, but either way, the girls and I wish him the best of luck. Ashley happened to order this meal when we brunched there one glorious morning.
She was able to finish half which is a commendable effort.
Moving right along....

Man v. Wings. Finally, Adam takes on the Wing King Challenge at The West End Tavern. This challenge apparently involves a bucket full of more wings than all of Adam's previous chicken wing challenges combined. Umm what?! How in the heck does one eat 50 wings in 30 minutes?!My first night out in Boulder included sipping Bourbon cocktails at this very bar! No wings were consumed, but you can read about my night on Pearl St. here.

I can't wait to see Adam take on the food, especially at some of my favorite Boulder restaurants.
-Have you ever watched the show?
-Will you be watching the season premiere next Wednesday, June 16th?!*A special thanks to The Travel Channel for their photographs*


  1. oh my gosh, I've never seen a pizza like that!

  2. oh i can't wait to tune in! 50 wings...GAH!!! the pancakes at the buff look too good to be true! nice job ash :)

  3. I haven't watched this show, will have to check it out!

  4. "Man v. Food" you say. How about Women v. Food" challenge? Any takers? I'll have to check this show out next week. Thanks Daisy for another entertaining blog!

  5. This is the one show that almost makes Cable (or Satellite) worth paying for!! For me it's not just about the food, Adam is a funny guy, but he is not over the top, if you don't listen to what he is saying you are missing out on some subtle side splitters.

  6. Man vs. Food is one of my favorite shows. When he hits to challenge portion of each episode I always end up saying something "oh gosh, no way!" or "I know this is gross, but that looks delicious..." And there's nothing better than when he goes to a city where you live or have visited. I'll definitely be watching the premiere!


  7. Stop it, Stop it, Stop it! You're making me hungry!! Is it bad that I think that burger looks good?

  8. I have never seen this show but after reading this post I want to be Adam and have his job. What a fabulous way to spend your days! I especially want that pizza.

    Thank you for letting me know about this show. I am definitely going to DVR it!!

  9. hey, i've been to the buff.