Friday, June 4, 2010

This week I ate and drank...

A Chai tea latte on the Orange Line.
Free samples of Quaker Oatmeal Squares.
I really liked this cereal. And free stuff makes my day.
Gosling's Rum that has been in the freezer since last summer.
Ginger beer from Haymarket that was way too potent.
A Trader Joe's dinner
with Tempura Veggies.
Roasted Summer Squash over spaghetti with butter and lemon seasoned with parsley and red pepper flakes.
A good Italian red wine.
Aromatic and slightly smokey with a strong berry presence.
A way too sweet (like liquid candy sweet) Riesling.
A bowl of red leaf lettuce.Egg yolks (used in a hollandaise sauce).

My Friday night is kinda blah. Pictures always make me feel better. 


  1. Did you say liquid candy?! Send that bottle my way.

    Tempura veggies are my danger zone. I eat the f*ck out of those things. Once I pop I can't stop.
    My Friday night sucked. I waited for my bf to get home from work because we were going to make dinner together and he didnt get home until 10pm. Way after I ate. He decided to go friggin outlet shopping after work. What?! He bought a button down shirt. How original.

  2. where did you score those free samples? I love that cereal!

  3. Why have I never seen those tempura veggies at Trader Joe's? I must be slipping!! They look delicious.

    I love the egg yolk picture! I can't believe how clear it is.

  4. MN - So sorry to hear your Friday sucked :( My bf and I actually did make dinner together but it was the actual food that sucked. go figure.
    SL - They were giving them out on the street one morning in front of my train station. score!
    Ameena - TJ's tempura veggies are a longtime favorite. get into them!

  5. I had a great Friday at Les Zygomates and then chilling at home. Mmmm ginger beer and Gosling's, definitely a favorite!

  6. yum! I can tell you had a great weekend! and dont worry...the shark decided to jump late late at night so there were no humans!

  7. So funny, my mom loves that Riesling and I think it's WAY too sweet! I have also enjoyed that red wine a time or two.

    That summer squash dinner looks delish!