Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sunday Funday Potluck

Sunday Funday: to drink in excess on SundayPotluck: a gathering of people where each person contributes a dish of food to be shared among the group.
Make no mistake, booze has traditionally been the essence of a Sunday Funday. Booze and good company arguably go hand in hand. Sunday + 4 girlfriends + 3 bottles of champagne + red wine = Funday. However, the amount of food prepared and consumed on this day would definitely warrant the title of a Potluck. Food was the main event! Seems Michelle, Megan, Alicia, Meghan and I have re-defined Sunday Funday as we know it.

Blogger Sunday Funday: To eat and drink in excess on Sunday. The prep work was taken care of that morning in our respective Beacon Hill, Dorchester, Back Bay and North End kitchens, in between emailing & tweeting to coordinate times and rides. We arrived around 1:30 with bags and coolers in tow to Somerville where Megan's pristine granite countertops and stainless steal appliances were waiting for us.
In this gorgeous space everything from dips and dumplings to tarts and grits were executed in perfect harmony. There was a positive and relaxed vibe about the kitchen as Megan's Aleveropita baked in the oven, Alicia plated her Muhammara and Pate, Michelle boiled water for her cold curry peanut noodles and Meghan gave her sriracha aioli a final stir to top her Tortilla Española. I sauteed leeks to serve as the garnish on my creamy parsnip soup which was heating on the stovetop.
Round 1: Appetizer feast
Megan's Aleveropita
A traditional Greek Feta tart made with butter and baked to a golden brown. These crispy squares with crumbly salty cheese were a tasty way to begin the afternoon.

Meghan's White Truffle White Bean Dip. White on white working wonders! Elegant white truffle oil tasted beautiful a top this smooth creamy bean dip.

Alicia's Muhammara More than just a funny name, this traditional middle eastern red pepper and walnut puree was a taste I recognized from a past lunch at Sofra. Alicia's dip welcomed a subtle sweetness which I learned was the addition of molasses. I couldn't get enough!

Meghan's Tortilla Española Layers of dense potato and fluffy eggs were delicious on their own, but even better topped with a homemade just-the-right-amount-of-spice sriracha aioli.

Alicia's Mushroom Pate
I haven't ate much pate that I can recall but I really enjoyed this earthy dip topped with freshly chopped chives.

Michelle's Cold Curry Peanut NoodlesThis Asian inspired dish packed some serious flavors. A coating of peanut sauce and a pop of curry laced with thinly sliced carrots, cucumbers and scallions yielded a refreshing crunch. Cilantro leaves and a dash of lime enhanced the perfectly cooked whole wheat noodles.Creamy Parsnip Soup
I have made this soup once before, the recipe comes from my Martha Stuart Living: Great Food Fast cookbook. The soup incorporates obviously parsnips, but also leeks, potato and granny smith apples. A subtle sweetness is detectable from the apple. I added lots of salt and pepper to heighten the flavor and was satisfied with the finished product.
Once significantly stuffed, we retreated to the living room to rest our bellies and play with Megan's Chocolate Lab, Gunner. What a face!Round 2: Main Course FeastMichelle's Mama Chang's Pork & Chive Dumplings. Michelle is a dumpling pro. These were top notch restaurant quality dumplings for sure. I inhaled at least three as I prepared my salad, before we even sat down to the table.Warm Brussel Sprout & Fuji Apple Salad
I was inspired to make this salad after my friend Gretchen served it at a cocktail party she hosted last February. The recipe includes toasted pine nuts and caramelized goat cheese blended with a zesty apple vinaigrette. The unusual combination of apples and brussel sprouts somehow works. The goat cheese added a soft creaminess to round out the dish.
Alicia's Shrimp & GritsSpicy andouille turkey sausage and shrimp mixed with vibrant red and yellow peppers over rich cheesy grits. As I write this post I am eagerly awaiting as some of these leftovers heat up for dinner. Can't wait to dig in once again. Round 3: DessertMegan's Homemade Pumpkin Ice Cream Sundaes with Gingerbread Croutons & Spiced Caramel SauceMake you're own sundae bar!
What a finale. I mean, you had me at homemade pumpkin ice cream. But soft gingerbread croutons and warm gooey caramel? Recreating this sundae tonight with vanilla ice cream will not be the same, but I'm not complaining because the latter components which I also took to-go certainly a sundae make.
We even wore Gunner out! What a blast we had cooking, feasting, laughing and drinking bottles of champagne. Sunday Funday at its finest!


  1. Aw! Awesome recap! I love the picture of us sitting on the couches poring over magazines. Your soup and brussels sprout salad were both so flavorful and delicious! Thank you so much for coming over! I still think we need a monthly (or every other month) Sunday Funday!

  2. Sunday was truly a Sunday Funday! Thanks for all the kind words on my dishes...it makes me feel so happy!

  3. I love your life! Seriously, I so want to live in Boston and be friends with your friends! I LOVE your blog, it always just makes me so happy to see people enjoying life, it's just awesome! XX!

  4. Your friends really know what a potluck is all about - my friends go pick up cupcakes and call it a day! If I'm lucky.

  5. Looks like a blast! Sunday Funday needs to be a new tradition in my life. Sundays are always so depressing. I need to start drinking more on Sundays.

  6. I thought I would never want to eat again, but your photos make me sooo hungry! Everything was delicious!

  7. toooooo much fun! I am jealous.

  8. Seriously, what a FUN day and all those dishes look amazing! I should recreate a Funday here too with some friends, I'm now in a mood of good food and bit of sparkly ;)

  9. Funday indeed. That was a massive amount of food and everything looked yummy. I can imagine quite the food coma after that party

  10. Sunday Funday hahaha that's awesome!

    happy thanksgiving!

  11. Great recap!! I think we should do these once a month! thanks for your kind words about my vittles! So glad to eat your soup and brussels, I'm so glad you enjoyed my offerings as well!

  12. Love this post and hoping this gathering becomes a tradition! What a feast :)

  13. This seriously looks like SUCH a fun day. I want to do it with you sometime! If only we lived closer.

  14. Oh my gosh, amazing! Also, I always associate Sunday Funday with beer. Loving the champagne alternative.