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  1. I lived in Boston, well, Acton for a couple of years in 89 -90. A lot has changed since then I am sure. I love your pictures!

  2. oh, i always romanticize new england! california is great in its own way, but there's something about all the history and east-coast-ness there that really gets me. (plus, i've never lived there!) unfortunately, my husband went to college in NH and refuses to move back there. (he hates shoveling snow.) we keep planning to visit but it hasn't happened yet! one day...

  3. Hey! I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did ... I am potentially moving to Boston in the next few months and this is giving me a great idea of what I'm getting myself into since I've never been there! I've already read about some of your restaurant experiences and will be taking note. I'm now following you on my dashboard :)