Friday, June 24, 2016

Matlaw's Stuffed Clams

This past weekend my sister Leah turned 30! There were lots of celebrations on Cape Cod - one of which was this late afternoon summer feast on my Mom's back deck! 

We started with classic New England style stuffed clams from Matlaw's. These stuffies from Gloucester come frozen - simply place them on the grill for 25 minutes, serve with lemon wedges, and your appetizer course is set! Succulent clams meet golden crispy breadcrumbs with chopped celery and peppers; everyone around the table nodded in agreement - the stuffies were super fresh tasting and full of flavor. They paired perfectly alongside a hearty arugula salad featuring blueberry balsamic marinated and grilled peaches, toasted pecans and creamy goat cheese crumbles. Then, we enjoyed teryaki marinated steak tips, corn on the cob, mushrooms and crispy potatoes - and for dessert, warm brownies and vanilla ice cream!
Special thanks to Matlaw's for providing the stuffed clams. Check out all their seafood products and where to purchase them right here.