Monday, June 19, 2017


In the happiest moment of my life to date, Bob proposed!!

I don't typically gush about my relationship on the blog - but everyone wants to hear an engagement story so here goes...

He planned a surprise Memorial Day Weekend getaway to the Camden / Rockport area of Maine, a coastal region of New England we both had never been to. On the drive up we stopped for lunch in Portland - where I was surprised to learn that was not the final destination and our journey continued onward - North! 

Our road trip ended when we arrived at The Inn at Ocean's Edge, an incredibly romantic and beautifully kept oceanfront resort in the town of Lincolnville. We checked into our spacious room with a balcony overlooking the ocean and a gas fireplace set in crown molding; where a platter of chocolate covered strawberries and a bottle of red wine awaited. At this point I sensed something was up. This place was NICE. Like, really nice. We immediately hit the infinity pool and hot tub for just a little too long before hurrying to make our dinner reservation at The Hartstone Inn in Camden Village. Our meal at this precious + historic inn was truly memorable. Bob outdid himself on day one of this trip (but still hadn't found the perfect spot to propose ;) )

The next day we decided to take the Maine State Ferry from Lincolnville Beach to Islesboro Island. We drove around the very pretty cove filled and quaint residential streets looping from North to South. At the southern most point we decided to park the car and explore. We were walking the beach and wandering along the rocky coves at Pendelton Point overlooking Penobscot Bay, relaxing and taking photos (us in sweatshirts are "before" photos). It was sunny and breezy, quiet and romantic. Next thing I know I'm looking at a shiny shell on one of the rocks and I had a feeling....the ring was nestled inside, so I handed the shell over to Bob, we hugged and kissed first, then he took a knee.... 


We walked the beach some more gathering sea glass and shells before heading into town for lunch. Dark Harbor "town" on Islesboro consists of three shops - an old school deli / ice cream counter, an antique store, and a fine home decor shop. 

Little did I know there were even more sweet surprises in store for me this weekend. He really went all out - and I've been on cloud nine ever since!