Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tulum Ruins

The Yucatan Peninsula is dense with ancient Mayan ruin sites, most are situated in the jungle. The Tulum ruins are special and were of great importance because of their location on the water. 

I was captivated. There's so much mystery. How did they build these grand structures? What did they look like in all their colorful glory? What really happened to the Mayans?  It was humbling and awe inspiring to be in the presence of these magnificent temples and homes.

Get here early in the morning (9am-ish). We only spent an hour here (that is really all you need to see everything) and as we were on our way out, the place was flooded with tourists - and this is the off season. It would certainly have detracted from the experience had we gotten there even a half hour later. 

Also, the weather this morning was incredible. We woke up to a passing storm and watched as it cleared out to the North. The skies in these photos were constantly changing as the heavy clouds passed over.