Welcome to my restaurant review page. An *asterisk* indicates my current or longstanding favorites. Please note if there is not a hyperlink it means I did not take photos or write a post about the experience, but I still want to recommend! In certain cases where a post does not apply, I have instead linked to the Instagram photo. A strike-through indicates the restaurant has closed. Enjoy!

Back Bay
Back Bay Social Club | Cisco Beer Dinner
Blue Inc. - Lunch | Dinner
Long Wharf 
City Landing


  1. omg I love this list!! It's gonna be my new alternative to Yelp! :)

    what about a Food Truck group? Bon Me and Clover sometimes has pop-ups in other locations.

  2. We just moved to Boston, so this is so helpful list - so excited to try more restaurants!

  3. I hope you know I refer to this list OFTEN (like now) when I'm looking for restaurant ideas! Any favorite brunch spots? :)

  4. Hi Simply Life! I am so glad the list is helpful. My favorite local brunch spots currently include: The Gallows, Mistral, Caffe Nuovo, Miel, North 26 and Masa.