Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Legal Harborside | Norwegian Skrei Dinner

Prior to this delectable seafood meal at Legal Harborside, I had never heard of Skrei (pronounced "skray"). Skrei is ultra-premium specialty Norwegian Cod fish, cherished in culinary circles and among renowned chefs for its beautiful white meat, delicate flake, and extraordinary flavor. Skrei is sustainably fished and only available for a few months each year. In pursuit of this sought-after catch, Norwegian fishermen brave ferocious seas on the darkest and coldest January nights, when the cod are migrating south from their feeding grounds in the Barents Sea towards the coast of Norway. 

Hosting us in their luxe second floor dining room, Legal Harborside started the meal with a delicate bread platter, cotuit and rhode island oysters, and jumbo shrimp cocktail served in an ice-egg! For the main event, the Skrei was pan roasted and brilliantly showcased alongside bacon lardon, leeks and golden russet apples, fused by a smoked mussel chowder which was poured tableside. As a result of crossing through the cold, clear arctic waters - the cod fish is elegant and silky with firm flakes and an exceptionally clean taste. 

A sweet ending to the meal was a brûléed chocolate banana tart with coconut gelato, chocolate sauce and toasted coconut anglaise. We also enjoyed a whimsical citrus flight with lemon sponge pudding, avocado key lime tart, a grapefruit gateau and blood orange sorbet.
It's always nice to come away from a tasting having learned a little something new. This was a dinner that felt personal and not overly hyped, accompanied by a terrific menu, flawless service, and a folder of well designed information waiting at the table.

 Legal Harborside -Floor 2
270 Northern Avenue
Liberty Wharf
Boston, MA 02210 


  1. Looks fantastic.
    I too love learning new things...

  2. The shrimp in the ice egg looks so cool! Looks like a fab meal.

  3. How many times have I had fresh delicious Cod,but who new about skrei?