Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cafe Fleuri's City Brunch

"Boston Brunchers Do City Brunch
at Cafe Fleuri, Langham Hotel"

reakfast enthusiasts, seafood lovers and sweet tooths a like come to feast
ne of the city's most elaborate Sunday brunch buffets
ip on spicy bloody marys, grapefruit mimosas and raspberry bellinis from the breakfast cocktail bar
he sunlit atrium provides an expansive and gorgeous space to dine

Our meal today was compliments of the Langham, beverages and tips were paid for on our own
Normally a $52 brunch for adults, $25 for children 5-12, and 4 years old and under are free

Brian of A Thought for Food took some amazing photographs
Renee of Eat.Live.Blog organized this fabulous Sunday morning event
Utmost extent to which I was captivated and impressed
ote brunch is served from 11am -3pm, reservations for certain times can be made in advance
Coffee and waters were refilled promptly by the friendly waitstaff
ouse made mozzarella, vine ripe tomato, basil, sea salt and virgin olive oil started off my meal
Executive Chef Mark Sapienza features the flavors of New England
oasted beets, Lakes End goat cheese and Marcona almond delighted the palate

Sugar dusted farmers cheese blintzes were topped with raspberry sauce and shaved chocolate

Duck prosciutto wrapped roasted red pear with lavender honey was a decadent bite
Oysters on the half shell and chilled poached gulf shrimp awaited at the raw bar

ndulged in a Belgian waffle with blueberry compote, caramelized bananas and chantilly cream
Took time to rest in between plates, enjoying the company of my fellow bloggers
ogurt with mixed berries and granola coupe was prepared in fancy martini glasses

Beef carpaccio with arugula, parmesan and garlic aioli was artfully plated
Really enjoyed the Boggy Meadow Swiss cheese with Medajool dates
nderstand how lucky I feel to be a part of this incredible event
ext months brunch is going to be hard to top, that is for sure
innamon brioche french toast somehow missed my plate
oney, strawberry and banana smoothies were a balanced sip of sweet frothy fruits

Across from me sat Megan, Lara, Justin, Katie and Meghan
To my left was Bridget of Yogurt and Berries, to my right Melissa of The Foodies at Work

Crepes are prepared to order with you choice of chocolate, berries and even a liquor flambe
Artisanal cheese, meats and produce are locally sourced
or kids - country fried chicken nuggets and mini beef hot dogs
ven a sushi bar with maki and nigiri rolled to order

Five cheese tortellini, penne and gnocchi are served with choice of sauces and toppings
ive music accompanied our meal compliments of the Robert Rivera Ensemble
ggs Benedict are a brunch staple with served with Canadian bacon and chive hollandaise
Unbelievably rich desserts included mocha creme brulee and chocolate croissant bread pudding
Raspberry mousse dome was also a popular dessert choice
mpeccably prepared plates executed with attention to detail


Lovely waitress circled the room delivering cinnamon sugar dusted Beignets
sparagus with truffle oil wrapped in prosciutto was a delicately prepared side
Not to be missed is the Blueberry yogurt panna cotta, my favorite dessert

Great Hill Blue Cheese with Vermont honeycomb impressed
ome style bliss potatoes with melted onions and chive were piled atop plate number three
Absolutely one of the best ways to spend a Sunday with family and friends

Meghan of Travel Wine Dine shared the hilarious story of why she steers clear of chocolate fountains

Huge thank you to the manager and on point waitstaff for their pleasant and prompt service
Other awesome brunch companions included Bianca, Jacki, Emily, Athena and Sarah
This poem attempts to include everything I ate, but is by no means exhaustive of the menu
Encouraging locals and tourists alike to check out this one of a kind eating experience

Located at 250 Franklin Street in the Financial District, Cafe Fleuri's deluxe City Brunch at The Langham Boston Hotel awaits you!
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Just because I'm trying my hand at poetry, doesn't mean I'm slacking in the photography department.
Well that was fun.


  1. YUM! I am SOOO jealous - everything looks incredible. I would have been completely overwhelmed with all the options and needed an immediate nap but I'm still SUPER jealous!

    note to self - must ask Meghan about chocolate fountains......

  2. AMAZING pictures


    now I'm hungry

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  5. Mighty poetic of you Miss Daisy! Such a fun post and your pictures are so good! Great recap and as always, so great to see you!

  6. Super creative!! I would have much rather been there then running ten on the treadmill! I actually thought of you guys while I was running and was so jealous! Everything looks so good : )

  7. Love this!! You are so creative. And you hit all the major points. Great photos and so fun to see you today! (PS - I'm jealous of your warm Eggs Benny!!)

  8. HAHAHAHA! I can't stop laughing! But I'm so impressed!!! You described it perfectly!

  9. That food looks amazing! I wasn't there, but I loved this post!

  10. That is the most decadant brunch I've ever seen!

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    Love it, and love the new profile photo! Bloody Mary, woo hoo! XX!

  12. LOVE this post! I'm happy to live vicariously through you since I couldn't make it to the brunch! xo

  13. Nice poem and photos! It was fun brunching with you!

  14. wow, what an awesome post! looks heavenly... glad you had a good time :)

    ps- did i forgot to add your email to the list for cookies? I'll have to try and remember for next year... i new i was forgetting people!

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  19. This may be the most beautiful brunch I have ever seen...everything looks divine! I definitely want to hit this place the next time I am in Boston.

    The shot of the caprese sealed the deal for me. :)

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