Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lobstah Rolls

Last Saturday I mentioned to Adam my intense week long craving for a lobster roll. After letting my statement sink in a little bit, he then developed a craving too. No persuasion necessary, in that moment, he knew we needed to get them for lunch. But where?! We talked it out. Neptune Oyster? Too expensive and a tad to upscale for our lazy un-showered Saturday afternoon selves. J Hook & Co? Too far of a walk knowing full well it was going to downpour at any moment. Then we remembered the "Oyster Bar" over in Faneuil Hall and off we went. Walrus and Carpenter is the name of said Oyster Bar. Their Quincy Market counter location will always and forever have a pot set up encouraging free chowder samples.
We dodged a slew of people, took a seat in a secluded corner of the bar and right away each ordered ourselves a Sam Summer ($5.50) on tap.
Really, it's not that difficult or annoying navigating through the touristy crowds of Quincy Market when you know exactly what you want to eat and therefore what counter you want to end up at!
We were all about the Steamers (Market Price) and Beer! Steamers ($14.75) and Beer!
Nothing better on a hot summer afternoon! Oh yea except the reason we were drawn here in the first place.
The Lobster Roll ($14.75) in all its glory. Although it is not served in the traditional hot dog bun, I do enjoy the dense, slightly crispy on the outside, doughy on the inside, sandwich roll in which the lobster is served.
The sweet claws and tail meat are lightly are coated in mayonnaise, loaded with crunchy celery and piled on a bed of bright green lettuce. On the side a bag of my favorite potato chips - Utz!The lobster is fresh. The portions are generous.
Walrus and Carpenter won't disappoint. (Their clam chowder is also really good!)
Even at peak tourist season in the middle of the afternoon we managed to snag two seats at the bar.
Our hospitable server offered to take our picture and I just couldn't turn him down. He totally thought we were tourists. Taking photos of everything around will give people that impression.
I do plan to try Neptune Oyster's roll this summer. Where is your favorite place for Lobster Rolls?!
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  1. You take wonderful photos. The lobster roll looks amazing and generously portioned. Glad life is busy for a good way! Keep making it happen!

  2. That roll is serious! I haven't had one since I lived in New England years ago!

  3. That's a big roll! I'm not a fan of lobster rolls but my bf loves them. He's a big fan of Flo's in Rhode Island.

  4. Oooh those lobster rolls look delicious!

  5. Yes, you have to get to Neptune Oyster! Best lobster roll over, but it is an investment. We missed you at the pool party yesterday :)

  6. Yup, taking photos will absolutely make you look like a tourist, lol! Those look ah-may-zing, can't even tell you, so jealous! I wish we were planning a trip to Boston so we could all have lunch! Enjoy your weekend! XO!

  7. and now i am craving lobster rolls!

  8. Mmmm, those lobster rolls delicious on a dense, chewy, roll. I don't eat mayo, but I imagine I'd really enjoy that if I did.
    There's an ice cream place in Faneuil Hall-at the very end of the "hall" that serves soft serve ice cream; When I happen to be down that end of downtown Hello Kitty button shopping at Newbury comics I always stop to get the mixed, choc. and vanilla in a cup. Sooo yum!

    You know what I think, it would be cool if we had t-shirts made up that say :'I'm not a tourist, I'm a blogger.' Or something to that effect. LOL.

    I've been wanting that clear umblrella foever! Too cute standing underneath with your yellow shades!

  9. @Terrianne, Call me Ree

    your heartfelt and well thought out comments really make my day. You know what - I have never been to that soft serve spot. It always looks so good so I am totally trying it out!

    Great T shirt idea! hhaha but then I'd have to get like 100 or wear the same one everyday ;)

    That umbrella is amazing. you should totally get it!

  10. You're giving me a lobster roll craving too. But for me... a lobster roll is a little different. I'm totally spoiled being from Connecticut, where a lobster roll is served on a grilled bun or roll and is hot and buttery, devoid of mayo. I'm always in search of one like that now that I'm in Mass., but most places don't make them because cold lobster salad rolls are the tradition around here.

  11. P.S. I like Terrianne's T-shirt idea too. Someone should design it!