Thursday, July 8, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

Happy (four days later!) 4th of July. Flashback: It's Sunday July 4th. I'm still on Cape Cod. And I am happy as can be on a 7 mile bike ride from Yarmouth Port to West Dennis. The last time Adam and I took a bike ride together was about 10 months ago.
I was here.
I'll basically use any excuse I can to reminisce on time spent in Europe. In September 2009 we visited Paris. The Palace of Versailles and the bike tour through the gardens were magical.
Our bike ride on Cape was pretty magical, too. We rode past the house I grew up in, the woods I explored as a child, the houses I partied at in high school, the pond I used to ice skate at, even my old pre-school (in that order.) Smack dab in the middle of all that we stopped here for breakfast.
We actually took a less direct route to our destination so we could eat!
Can you tell the owners have a sense of humor?
Iced Coffee was very necessary to begin.
Often The Red Cottage has a wait, however today we were seated in record time. The service is always speedy so no matter the crowd I'd stick around. It's worth the wait! I got 2 eggs over medium, homefries, white toast and one (monster) apple sausage ($6.99).

Breakfast never tasted so rewarding.
You know, once I finally stopped taking pictures and ate it.
The Red Cottage is cash only and breakfast here is easy on the wallet.
Located at 36 Old Bass River Rd in South Dennis, it's another quality spot I'd recommend you hit up if you are visiting the mid-cape.
Red Cottage Restaurant on Urbanspoon

All fueled up - it was back on the bikes and our destination was reached in no time.
Welcome to the beach.
There was beers, bocce tournaments, plenty of swimming and the second best thing about having a house on the beach (first being the fact that you wake up and don't have to go anywhere, ever) is leftovers. But not just any leftovers my friends....
As in, not the kind that you can pack in a cooler. It's Gretchen's Cioppino.
And her Blueberry Crumble topped with Sundae School's homemade vanilla ice cream.
Back at my Mom's house we whipped up a mango salsa with sauteed red pepper, jalapenos, onion, cilantro and lime juice.
Which would be topping our grilled haddock over cauliflower garlic mashed potatoes.
Served with whole grain toast, a tomato avocado salad,
and steamed organic broccoli from her garden.
Oh and a crisp refreshing glass of Searidge Chardonnay.

Everything came together really well, the meal was summery and delicious! We ate outside on the back deck.
I'm very lucky to have people in my life like Gretchen and my Mom who are always experimenting in the kitchen and coming up with seasonally inspired, noteworthy meals.

How was your 4th of July?


  1. I wish I were in Paris every single day. I need to find a job so I can move there permanently!

    I LOVE fruit salsa and your pics are just gorgeous. Have you ever tried TJ's peach salsa? I basically have it on everything, not that it can compare to your fresh mango salsa but it's not bad in a pinch.

  2. I like biking on vacation so much better than walking. You can get further and see more stuff. Enjoy the rest of your vaca!

  3. had some seriously good eating there! You had me at that breakfast, then you threw in Cioppino and that beautiful head is spinning, I don't know what I want to eat for breakfast now! And I do love Paris, it has been way too long....sigh

  4. oh my gosh, looks like such a fun time!

  5. Wow, how incredibly fun! That man's patriotic shirt is hilarious.

  6. Wonderful photos. Great food spread. Looks like some good eating.

    Be well

  7. Hey Baby Doll!! This looks like so much fun! Oh, and you and your bike look fabulous! ;-)

    Happy Friday Dear! xo

  8. Awesome! I love your blog, girl! That house at the Cape looks just perfect, right on the beach! I totally would have done the same thing, stay there and eat, eat, eat (I probably wouldn't have ridden a bike, lol!). Enjoy your weekend! XO!

  9. It was so great to have you guys join us at the beach house! I'll share leftovers with you any time :)

  10. I want that bfast! I love exactly all that when I go out to bfast lol :)

    Happy Friday!

  11. I'm such a HUGE fan of little random diners like that- usually it's where I have some of the best breakfasts! :)

  12. Seriously - that breakfast looks freaking delicious! For 6.99 I might have eaten two of them lol (:

  13. Omg all that food looks DELICIOUS!!!!

  14. haha.. that picture of the Ret Cottage looks EXACTLY like this restaurant we used to go to all the time in Brewster. But I guess most places down the Cape look similar ;) Looks like such a fun and relaxing getaway... long live Cape Cod! :) Oh and p.s. I don't even remember the last time I got on a non-stationary bike! eek. [Chels]