Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beautiful Days in the Neighborhood

July, glorious July. We've had some beautiful weather over the past few weeks, so I've made it a point to spend time outside. Outside doing none other than my favorite activity: eating. There are an abundance of quality spots in the North End to grab a bite to-go and plenty of outdoor green space and picnic areas to benefit from.

{Antico Forno at the Rose Kennedy Greenway Park}
A few weeks ago I had a craving for a simple, no frills, margherita pizza after a late Monday in the office. Straight from the T I headed to 93 Salem Street:I felt rejuvenated after sipping on a Peroni at the polished marble bar with unique light fixtures, while I waited for my brick oven Margherita Pizza ($12).
Antico Forno's pizza always seems to hit the spot, whether I'm dining in their rustic trattioria (Antico Forno is Italian for "old-stove"), or enjoying a pie to-go in the late afternoon sunshine at the park.

{Bova's enjoyed at North Square}
Bova's is located at 134 Salem Street, on the corner of Prince. Last Sunday I was craving an easy lunch so I walked down and picked up a slice of their famous Sicilian pizza and a little treat for dessert.I brought my purchases to the picnic tables at North Square.
Unfortunately, it was not the cleanest area in that moment. I am not sure who is responsible for the mess, or who is responsible for cleaning it up. There are even trash cans nearby so this is pretty awful!
The important thing was that the sun was shining and my slice of pizza, thick and doughy with sweet tomato sauce and bubbly brown melted cheese, tasted awesome.
From brick oven thin crust, to thick Sicilian crust by the slice, I believe I've got the best of the best at my disposal when it comes to pizza. Though in this post I've merely touched upon the variety served up here in Boston's Little Italy.
My eclair was pretty amazing too. Eclairs are not typically my dessert of choice, but today the pastry called to me from behind the glass counter of treats.
Rich chocolate icing coated over a puff pastry stuffed with thick creamy vanilla custard. Drool.

{Boston Common Coffee Company on the Rose Kennedy Greenway Patio}
I drank a 16 oz Iced Coffee ($2.25) with a flavor shot of Coconut and The Avocado Melt ($5.75) which was delicious with roasted chicken, dill havarti, tomato, chipolte mayo, and avocado on pepper jack bread.
On the side I have a White Bean Salad.
As you can see, I opted to make good use of the patio furniture that lines the Greenway sidewalk.
Speaking of beautiful days in the neighborhood, this weekend marks the first North End Feast. The "Feasts" are basically huge festivals that take place in the streets honoring the various Italian Societies and the Saints which they represent.
They've become like tradition now, as I'm going on my third season of enduring the madness associated. The local Italians live for these weekends, hoards of tourists flock, processions are underway complete with loud marching bands and ginormous patron saint statues, and lots and lots and lots of good food is served. I've almost gotten down which Saint comes when.July 23rd - 25th honors The Feast of St. Joseph. Tonight we'll head over and pay our respects. And by that I mean we'll stuff our faces, play some Carney games, and maybe even dance in the streets.


  1. oh goodness that first pizza pie looks SO GOOD :) Looks nice and crispy, but slightly doughy - which is perfect.
    and an avocado melt!? YUMM

  2. i have not had pizza in so long and i'd like to eat it right off your blog!

  3. There are no words for how hungry and thirsty this post makes me! What gorgeous pics and delicious food!

  4. This post has me TOTALLY craving pizza! I also love Bova's and think it is better than Mike's or Modern - hands down!

  5. This post makes me so hungry! that pizza sounds so good.

  6. I never used to care for pizza until I could no longer eat it (gluten) and now I fall in love with every slice I see - yours is no exception!

    When I get to Boston next time I am hitting you up for a ton of restaurant recommendations!!

  7. Rrrrr! I want pizza too now :P sometimes a good old Margerita does the trick - especially with buffalo mozzarella. It makes EVERYTHING taste so much better.

  8. Are you going to the Fishermens Feast? I have it marked on my calendar!!

  9. wow - all that pizza plus the sunshine looks like the perfect combination!

  10. i might drive to the north end tonight JUST for pizza. just kidding. or am i?

  11. After reading this I am thinking pizza for lunch. Great pics. Love the Avocado Melt...and the eclair.

  12. Yum yum! Makes me ready for lunch haha! I love the Greenway- they did such a great job revamping that area. :)

  13. mmmmm i like pizza!!


  14. Oh! Great pictures...the pizza and the eclair look so delicious...

  15. A weekend spent eating and drinking?? LOVE that!!


  16. I love the feasts! Well, actually, the only one I've been to is San Gennaro in NY, but man, it was fun, every time! I love trashy carnival food, though, and there was lots of that, so, duh. XO!

  17. ALL this food! It is making me mighty hungry!

    xo Lynzy

  18. Pizza in the Park, how perfect! I love this city of ours in the summer, and the food, and the lazy days in the park spent people watching and soaking in the vitamin D. ☀ =)