Monday, July 5, 2010

Ducali Pizzeria & Bar

After our liquid lunch on the waterfront, myself, the gals, and Matt headed out to a relatively newer pizza restaurant in the North End. Ducali Pizzeria & Bar is located on the outskirts of the neighborhood at 289 Causeway Street.
We played the night by ear, meaning no reservations were made prior. I had a feeling the more relaxed bar atmosphere would best cater to us, but you never know what kind of a wait you might be in for on a Friday night. I live in one of the most crowded neighborhoods of the city calling to a variety of locals and tourists on a regular basis, especially so on a Friday night in the summertime. Dinner reservations are essential.

Our leisurely walk to the opposite side of the North End would prove rewarding to start. We were seated right away at a high table for six. I immediately had to use the bathroom and was greeted by a bright colorful spray painted wall on the way.
After my basement photo shoot I was ready for a beer. Ducali has 10 draft beers as well as an ample wine list and a fun cocktail menu. The waitress recommended Brooklyn Summer. I think she read my mind. More drinks, please!

Cue exterior photo shoot.
We started with the Calamari Arabiata ($8.50) The calamari itself was tender, fresh and extra crispy and the hot peppers and the spicy dipping sauce certainly packed a punch. The group ordered two large pizzas and one small. The Bistecca e Gorgonzola ($21) was a unanimous favorite.
An excellent pizza overall, one that I would definitely recommend. We also enjoyed the The Melanzane e Zucchini ($16). 
I would definitely return to Ducali to sample more of their menu and to have some drinks at the bar. And I'm definitely keeping them in mind for takeout, too!
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  1. The pizzas look great and I can't wait to check out Ducali! I'm having Blogger issues too and I can't seem to publish any comments this morning - boo!

  2. Ducali looks fantastic! The decor is certainly interesting and cute.

    Isn't gorgonzola the best cheese ever? I haven't had it on a pizza before so I need to remedy that ASAP!

  3. PS - Sorry I have no experience with blogger but I definitely have issues commenting on blogger blogs!

  4. Thank you for the kind words about my dish. Look forward to following you here.

    Be well

  5. The food looks so good! I will have to go there :)

    And yes, the spray sunscreen is so easy but inefficient... I always miss spots!!!

  6. yeah maybe if we hadn't been drinking all day...

    or maybe if the side order of marinara sauce came warm...

    haha either way "i love dining with other food bloggers"

    "dont mind them they love to take pictures and then blog about it" hahaha

  7. I was also having comment issues!

    The pizza's look wonderful. I never considered how so much cheese with nothing, like sauce, to break the monotony could get tiring to the palette. But it does make sense when you think about it!

    Cool bathrooms. Reminds me of this Mexican restaurant that used to be in Downtown Crossing, they gave you pen and markers to scribble all over the walls.

  8. hehe... dining with food bloggers is hilarious. everyone gets so intense! this place looks pretty neat... i've never been before but will definitely have to check it out this summer! [chels]

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