Friday, June 11, 2010


Summer Lunch Series commences today! I awoke and was randomly craving french toast, so this meal ended up being brunch. I decided to dine at Market at the W Hotel located in the Theater District.
After running some errands I entered the pristine building on Stuart Street.Yes, they change the rug throughout the day. (I asked the doorman.)
I walked past the exquisite fountains that surround the lounge.
Past reception...
and down the marble stone hallway, where Market greeted me. Don't be fooled by the void of human presence in this shot. It was taken as I was departing. I entered to find mimosas on tables and even a few single diners as well. I fit right in.
The hostess sat me in a cream leather booth in the far corner right by the window. 
I was pleased that I ventured in here, thanks in part to the welcoming hostess and kind waitstaff. They smiled. They served. They didn't seem to have any qualms about my incessant picture snapping as they poured my water, and delivered my Coffee ($3), and Grapefruit Juice ($4.50).
Ah, that's where they get you! $4.50 for a Grapefruit juice is way too much. But I really, really wanted it.It was so thirst quenching it was almost worth the price!
I'm obsessed with the salt bowl.
And the mini jams. 

And the French Toast with Sauteed Apples and Bacon ($12)

Pure comfort. This is the French Toast I was craving.

Summer Lunch (Brunch) Series Part 1 was a success. 

Where should I Lunch (or brunch) next Friday?!


  1. You asked the doorman about the mat? You're too funny. I'm glad your day ended well because the beginning sounded miserable! The French toast and bacon combination - is this an American thing? - sounds interesting, I'd definitely give it a try!

  2. You should drag me out of the office and have lunch with me one Friday! And you should check out 53 Lunches, created by a coworker reviewing lunch places in our area...

  3. Wow, breakfast at the W? I'm jealous!! I usually find something on the mcDonalds menu for 5.95. But was it worth it? Was it fabulous?? You are just so cute! Next time, take me with you! Oh the fun that we'd have :-)

  4. The W is beautiful! I've never been inside. After seeing these pictures, I'll have to take a stroll through...or seduce a rich man and have him put me up there.
    The apples and bacon sounds like a perfect combo.

    That Salvation Army scares me. I walked by there once carrying a bag of orange and a man sitting outside by their door yelled in my face and said he would kill me for my oranges. I kept walking, but he started chasing me. It was around 8pm, not that late, but late enough that there weren't many people around. He chased me two blocks! I didn't give him my oranges though.

  5. brunch out is my favorite - have you tried going in ball square in somerville? There are some great places there!

  6. TEN bags to drop off?? THAT is insane! ghost towns all over...i'm glad you found a very alive market to detail friday lunch and brunch series:)

  7. That looks heavenly! I stayed at the W Times Square for Fashion Week and I'm dying to go back!

  8. I want that breakfast more than you could possibly know!