Thursday, June 17, 2010

June Walks

As you may or may not have gathered, my main form of exercise is taking walks around the city. Here are some images from my city walks in the month of June. 
The roses are in bloom in Christopher Columbus Park.

Adam and I visited the seals at the New England Aquarium.

How cute is this guy?
We got ice cream at Emack and Bolio's. The one on Central Wharf off Atlantic Avenue is cash only.
I got Grasshopper Pie - Creme de Menthe with Chocolate Chips and Oreos, one of my favorite combinations. Adam got Strawberry with rainbow sprinkles. I think they have excellent quality ice cream here. And get a load of those insane waffle cones. Next time...
Old North Church in the distance through the Paul Revere Mall.
Sunrise over The Public Garden / Boston Common
Purple flowers with which I am obsessed.
You know, hanging out in my favorite tree.
The Clock Tower always looks nice.

It has certainly been a lovely month for walking about the city!!


  1. what are those beautiful purple puffs?! so nice. you and adam: be still my heart, such a good pic of you two! happy bday weekend to leah...gaaaaah 24!!?

  2. These are beautiful pictures. I love walking and actually think it's a better form of exercise than running.

    Isn't it sad that now seals and other marine life are actually better off in aquariums than they are in the ocean? No oil spills in the aquarium.

  3. I love those purple flowers in the park! Thanks. If YOU can't look pretty eating tacos, then I won't worry - I'm sure you're the expert.
    Yeah I agree I feel so bad for those animals - no wonder they go mad sometimes, right? Talk about claustrophobia and boredom.

  4. wow, gorgeous photos! You make it look like a destination vacation!

  5. I would take walking through the city over walking on a threadmill any day of the week!! And your pictures are so pretty! The little guy, the cones, the flowers... wish I had been there with you!

  6. what a great post! beautiful flowers, delicious ice cream, and a perfect couple...

  7. I love these! I love Boston, I used to work up there, and my hubby and I actually went back for our honeymoon! I too have some of those purple flower pix, how can you NOT photograph them, they're crazy!!! Anyway, happy to find your little world, and happy to be your newest follower! XO!

  8. Looks like you take lots of fun little adventures! I love those purple flowers, too. They look unreal!

  9. Lovely pictures :) I want to try those waffle cones, they really are insane!

  10. Oh! This makes me miss Boston so...

    Great photos and you are right...few things better than a leisurely stroll around the city with a stop at Emacks (-:

    Enjoy the summer! Hope there are lots more walks in store for you in July!