Monday, June 7, 2010


The annual celebration of Dorchester's settlement takes place on the first Sunday of June. Dorchester, the largest neighborhood in the city of Boston, is commonly know to the locals as DOT.
The DOT Day parade runs the length of Dorchester Avenue from Lower Mills to Savin Hill. My friend Marc grew up in Dorchester, where his parents still live off Dorchester Ave. On this day they open their home to family, friends, and neighbors to celebrate DOT and eat lots of yummy Italian food.
Who doesn't love a good parade?
I drank a variety of mixed drinks throughout the day and once I switched to beer I drank from the 12 pack of Harpoon Summer in never before seen cans!!
The parade began as most do: Policemen in patrol cars, on foot, on motorcycles, and in SWAT mobiles.
Marc bought us all Pop Pops. (Bang snaps?!) Hours of entertainment ensued.
The beautiful Clydesdale Horses
Elmo entertained the kiddies
Dot Day special!
I think my favorite float of the day was from local restaurant Tavolo. The giant bottle of wine and bowl of spaghetti and meatballs were awesome!
After the parade, back at the house, we ate the real thing.
Marc's Mom made a Bolognese sauce. 
We also had pad thai noodles and spring rolls.
All of the food was amazing.
We spent some time on the porch.

I'm loving life. And Harpoon Beer. IN A CAN.Dessert!
Someone brought Pistachio cake. Adam and I brought Red Velvet cupcakes from Modern Pastry.
I love traditions! Another DOT day under my belt gives me an appreciation for the hood that often gets a bad rap. Thank you Colucci Fam for welcoming us into your home and treating us to a day full of good eats, good drink, and good fun.


  1. I've never seen pistachio cake! looks like a fun time together

  2. Hi Daisy, thanks for commenting on my blog! Thanks also for your thoughts on Eat, Pray, Love - I plan on starting it this week and will let you know what I think!

  3. Your friends seem like so much fun! I like that you guys made your own feast instead of spending money on parade food. Homemade is so much better, especially Italian!

  4. Wow, love going through the much fun!

  5. This reminds me of when my boyfriend and I saw "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs," and then we had spaghetti for dinner. :)

  6. I showed the photo of the Harpoon can to my boyfriend and his buddy. Their reaction was, "OoooOoooo!" I have a feeling I'll see some of these in my fridge soon.