Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sea To You Sushi

100th post!!
Pretty cool, right? A quick moment to express my appreciation for my followers and commenters. Thank you for your insights, your humor, your good nature and in general thanks for reading. You guys are the best. Now prepare to feast your eyes on the most incredible Sushi platter ever to grace the blog world.
This sushi platter worth $120 was actually purchased with a Groupon that my sister's boyfriend bought sometime ago. I believe the platter ended up costing $60 in total. That is a steal. Sea To You Sushi & Asian Foods is located at 5 Kendal Street in Brookline. They are a take-out only establishment.
We drank a bottle of Nigori Genshu Sake with our sushi. I have a relatively new obsession with cold unfiltered sake. If you are a sake lover I highly recommend you try some.
We were extremely pleased with the variety of sushi they provided. There was an impressive selection of maki rolls, an assortment of nigiri sushi, sashimi and salads. We had salmon, tuna, unagi, shrimp and scallops as well as seaweed salad and octopus salad. Not sure if you can tell from my 800 snapshots, the sushi was incredibly fresh.I would definitely recommend Sea To You Sushi catering service for a special event. For the platters they prefer two days advanced notice. You can pick up at their Brookline location, or they offer a delivery service at an extra charge. They also offer professional Sushi Chefs for hire! Throw a sushi party and their chef(s) will make sushi fresh for your guests. How fun!!
My favorite roll was the spicy tuna (far right corner.) Actually, I am pretty sure that was everyone's favorite, we love spicy tuna for sure.
After we stuffed our faces, it was time for cake and beer.

Happy Birthday, Leah!!


  1. Wow, that sushi platter looks absolutely fantastic! A great celebration!

  2. What a great night this was! New cat is doing good her and saidie have been in the same space all day...we will see how they are when we get home!

  3. I love sushi, cake, and cats! Well, I like LOLCATS, not so much real cats.

    The platter is incredible. I want to hang out with you just for a day. You eat the most fabulous food!

  4. That sushi looks AMAZING and I adore sake! And I love spicy tuna and don't like scallops, so either we'd get on or we should never eat sushi together :-D

  5. wow! That sushi really does look AMAZING! Great steal with the coupon!

  6. WOWWWWW! I've never ever seen a sushi platter like that, it's HUGE! and I cant believe you cleaned the plate, good job! :D

    Congrats on the 100th post too :)

  7. hahaha that is DEFINITELY leah's i just adopted a stray cat face. aww what a good citizen.

    does stray have a name yet?

    THAT sushi!!!! my good god. i'm impressed and jealous. is octopus salad what is sounds like?

  8. I've never tried Sea to You but that sushi looks AWESOME!

  9. Congratulations on your 100th post, Hun! The sushi looks like art! Fantastic photos, as always. Great post. =)

  10. I just love to see people having fun. Congrats on your 100th post!

  11. Hello Daisy,

    My name is Michael, and I curate photos for I have been following your blog recently; it looks great! Also, congratulations on your 100th post!

    We are amidst running a promotion for Sea to You Sushi, and just wanted to request permission for using these photos for our online marketplace. What are your thoughts on this?

  12. Hi Michael - I can't seem to find your email via your comment link to LinkedIn. In any case, feel free to use the sushi photos. Would you be able to provide a link back or photo credit?


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