Tuesday, August 28, 2012

eats in charlestown, lately

Drum roll, please! Presenting a long overdue round up of what and where I've been eating in Charlestown. I regret that not all these plates are accompanied by photos to do them justice - sometimes the camera doesn't quite make it.

*Roasted Game Hen w/ swiss chard, chorizo, cornbread, gravy | Navy Yard Bistro*
I had a really nice time on my first visit to the Navy Yard Bistro, however, it was not without some misses. The appetizers were not quite up to par; fried oysters lacked crispiness and the mussels were far from plump and rather stringy. My entree, on the other hand, was flawless, and more than made up for a disappointing start. The roasted game hen offered incredibly juicy, succulent white meat, falling off the bone with perfectly crisp, almost caramelized skin that came dusted in fresh parsley. Alongside were nuggets of spicy chorizo with bitter swiss chard greens in a light but smokey gravy bath and a massive slice of soft, sweet cornbread pooling with butter. That handsome looking bird proved to be one of the most exquisite plates of food I've had all year.  
I wish I took more notes on the bottle of white wine we enjoyed (next time!) Another positive was our impeccable, personalized service. Specifically, I appreciated that our waiter was quick to move us inside as impending thunderstorms and large drops of rain threatened our quaint table on the patio. And because it was my sisters birthday he generously comped our dessert - a hot fudge strawberry sundae alongside flutes of limoncello.
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*Sweet Potato Bravas ($9) w/ feta, honey, jalapenos, avocado cream | Olives*
On a recent trip back to Olives, I am happy to report (after all the mixed reviews and varying levels of press) that our food was better than I expected. Though I've only noshed on small plates and appetizers, I thought every thing was delicious and the portion sizes were just right for sharing. Besides the tasty Sweet Patatas Bravas inventively paired with feta, honey, jalapenos and avocado cream for dipping, there was a guilt inducing Mac N Cheese ($8) with truffle, porcini, taleggio and fontina. TE's rendition was rich, flavorful, creamy, piping hot and over-the-top cheesy. The atmosphere felt a bit too intense for casually enjoying cocktails, appetizers and conversation on a Wednesday night. It was much louder than I expected, with music blaring and voices up ten more octaves as a result. As crowded as it was, we did manage to get a table right away, and service remained cheerful even though it was on the slow side.

*The Cottage Burger ($11.95) w/ fried organic egg, bacon, sharp cheddar | The Warren Tavern*
For post work brews this historic watering hole has become our go-to, and while not everything I've ordered off their menu has been a win, their burgers served on a lightly charred sesame seed studded bun have easily become crave worthy. The Cottage ($11.95) with a perfectly fried organic egg is my #1, but they have a plethora of equally fantastic options when I'm looking to switch it up like the Blue Cheese ($10.95) or the Paul Revere ($9.95) with sauteed mushrooms and swiss cheese. The richly wooded interior is classic and comforting and the bartenders always friendly and eager to refill your drinks.

*Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict w/ red onions & tomatoes | Grasshopper Cafe*
Warm and welcoming staff, prompt iced coffee counter service on my walk to work, homemade honey butter, excellent breakfast dishes - I'm not sure what the Bunker Hill side of the neighborhood did without this place before it opened a couple years back. The decor is simple and casual, overall it's a lovely little cafe that I'm happy to live so close to.


  1. I love that youre exploring all the places in our hood! I am not the biggest fan of navy yard bistro. I find their prices are higher than the food quality, but i have had great experiences with their mussels. I love grasshoppers deluxe egg sandwich and potatoes with guac and bacon. Whats up next...paolos? Chow thai? Figs? Jennys? Yay for chucktown!

  2. ooh that smoked salmon eggs benedict sounds like perfection - two of my favorite brunch items combined! Glad you're continuing to love exploring your new stomping grounds!

  3. Fun post! I love Warren Tavern and need to make a return trip to Olives.

  4. The roasted game hen looks pretty fantastic! I'd say your photos do the food pretty good justice ;)

  5. i had a similar experience at olives! we liked the food and the service was good but the music was WAY too loud! also, those patatas bravas sound ridiculous.

  6. You've really been getting around to a lot of different spots in your new neighborhood! So much fun! Everything looks so good!

  7. The chicken from Navy Yard Bistro looks amazing. I might have to go back there just for that alone. Shame about the rest of your service though.

  8. Great roundup of your new neighborhood. I haven't explored Charlestown much at all - I guess I need to!

  9. I never venture to Charlestown, so I love these posts - they're good reminders for me to get over there and try some of the fantastic restaurants!

  10. Wow! Looks like I moved to the wrong neighborhood. YUM.