Thursday, October 9, 2014

Westland Distillery @ Grill 23

Westland single malt whiskey is a thoughtful expression of the Seattle, Washington distillery's Pacific Northwest roots. At the core is a flavor profile of roasted and kilned barley malts, contributing deep and rich notes of chocolate, nuts, caramel and mocha. Belgian brewers yeast further enhances during fermentation producing a fruitiness that rounds out the flavor. Finally, the whiskey is matured in new american oak casks, complimenting with a vanilla and coconut finish. The result is an approachable and mature whiskey that suits our classic dinner (I chose Cotuit Oysters, Steak Frites and Creme Brulee!) at Grill 23.

Be on the lookout for Westland and don't hesitate to give this wonderful whiskey a try if you spot it behind the bar or on craft cocktail menus around town!


  1. I am wishing those steak frites were in front of me right now. They look incredible! Sounds like a fun event!