Monday, December 27, 2010

Blizzard Revelry

The first snowstorm of the season fills me up with excitement! Here in Boston we have about a foot and a half. I can't think of a more beautiful commute to work than trekking through the fluffy white stuff. That sparkling glow about the restaurant facades and city streets is magnificent! It is times like these I can appreciate to the utmost extent living close to work, not having a car to worry about and relying on underground public transportation. Enjoy my commute!
North Street
 North Square
Ristorante Limoncello
Richmond Street
Ristorante Mare
Hanover Street
Hanover Street opposite direction
Ristorante Fiore
Making my way
Rose Kennedy Greenway
Haymarket T Station
Last night I had the pleasure of being snowed in with some friends who were in town for the holidays!
With flights back to Denver cancelled / scheduled for later in the week, an impromptu visit from Laura and Craig prompted a cozy dinner at the always lovely Florentine Cafe.
A few glasses of red wine deep at this point, I decided to sip on a Peroni ($5)
We shared a couple of appetizers and each enjoyed a classic Italian entree.
Caprese Salad ($9) Red & yellow vine ripe tomatoes with fresh mozzarella, basil, aged balsamic vinegar & extra virgin olive oil.
Prosciutto E Pear ($13) Parma Prosciutto with caramelized pear, olive oil, age balsamic & goat cheese side of toast.
Tagliatelle al la Bolognese ($23) Egg Tagliatelle tossed with veal tenderloin, ground beef, ground pork, onions, bacon, carrots, celery, basil, in a garlic white wine tomato sauce.
Florentine Cafe provided a welcome respite from the cold snowy neighborhood with gracious hospitality and good Italian food. Inside the European cafe with fresco painted walls and white linen tablecloths, tastefully decorated wood paneled windows showcased views of the snow falling on Hanover Street. A cozy space to enjoy the company of friends, we left satisfied and full.
We certainly enjoyed the snowstorm! If you are local, I hope you did too, whether it was spent outside or in.
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  1. i was gonna say but then you ended up admitting it, that it is easy to say how pretty a snowstorm is when you dont actually have to DRIVE in it!! i'm such a naysayer, i should probably be kicked out of New England because i HATE the snow!

    glad you four had a great dinner at florentine!

  2. So much snow! All I have is sunshine and blue skies in Florida. Lovely photos, I hope you had a great Christmas!

  3. We are enjoying a lazy snowed in day! Have a safe commute home!

  4. Beautiful pics of the North End! You are such a trooper! I kinda want some of that pasta bolognese right now... ;) Hope you're staying warm today!

  5. The city looks so pretty in the snow! So fun you got to hang out with Craig and Laura, we had Trays cousin here last night..he was supposed to be flying to Paris! Even though I had to dig my car out of snow (looked like the pics you have), I sill enjoyed the storm!

  6. Wow, those snow pictures are what dreams are made of. I'd die to look outside my window and see that. Sadly, that will never happen in San Diego.

  7. I love Florentine Cafe! I go there all the time in the summer.
    Your pictures look great. We got almost 3 feet where I live!

  8. Love your snowy photos!! You're also totally reminding me that I don't get to the North End enough. I'm totally craving some Italian food now!! The prosciutto looks amazing! :)


  9. I haven't left the house in two days! Jealous you live in the city and don't have to shovel your driveway for three hours... (wait who am I kidding.. Dave does that not me!)

  10. cannot believe all the snow we got! luckily, my offices closes this week so i didnt have to deal. digging my car out was not fun though- i have more to do tomorrow.

    hope you had a merry holiday!

  11. What pretty photos - I have to admit I'm not super upset we're in Florida right now and missing the snow though :) Glad you had such a great Christmas!

  12. I LOVE THE PICS!!! And, i am so jealous of the snowstorm!! I'm from the Midwest and miss the snow terribly down here in the South! Boo. Love that you went to work and took pics the whole way!!!

  13. Love your pictures of the snow! Looks like you made a great and fun evening out of the Blizzard of 2010! That tagliatelle looks unreal!

  14. It looks like it was a wonderful snow day for you! I called in a snow day and spent the day drinking mimosas and playing Wii!

  15. I love your positive feelings towards the snow, it actually made me feel better about coming back to boston after missing the whole storm. I'm glad you got to enjoy it!

  16. Looks like you had so much fun tromping through the snow. I love that you stopped to take pictures along the way. I hid inside for the most part. We were supposed to go to NYC but the trains weren't running. Boo.

  17. GREAT PHOTOS! Love the one of you and cc!

  18. I love the pictures of the snow! SO pretty!!

  19. I'm bummed I missed the big storm since we were in IL visiting my family - looks like fun!

  20. You always take the best pictures! That bolognese looks outstanding. Perfect for a snowy evening!

  21. snow makes everything so picturesque. its a bummer laura and craig got stranded but at the same time...doesn't look TOO shabby! ha. also, i seriously wouldnt be surprised if mare asks you for the pic you took of the outside of their restaurant. just lovely.