Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bukowski Tavern

Adam was craving a good cheap burger. Adventures ensued when we decided to walk to Bukowski's on a whim. We took the scenic route through the Boston Common and The Public Garden.

The fountain at Park Street was on!

They never have this fountain on!

We stopped to nap and stare at the pretty trees.
As we wandered down Marlborough Street we ended up stopping at the Unitarian Universalist Church.
We were carousing outside - intrigued by the building itself and the grounds. Then a nice man with a set of keys offered to show us around inside. He gave us a tour and a mini history lesson. I didn't get any great shots (I kind of felt bad snapping pics in the space of worship as the nice man was talking) but this church can be described as none other than an architectural wonder. The two pictures below were borrowed from the website.
The narthex (church entrance / lobby area) above. The sanctuary below. We learned the same architects who designed Boston City Hall also designed this space. The similarities in design and the use of concrete was striking. It is an incredible space which we both marveled over. We later discussed, this is they type of place, you could live your whole life here, even in this very neighborhood, and never realize that this church existed. And so perhaps the same could be said about Bukowski Tavern which we slowly but surely made our way over to. Not before stopping to observe some purple stones in the sidewalk on Clarendon Street.
Bukwoski is a narrow inlet of a bar located at 50 Dalton Street, in between the Pilgrim Parking Garage and the Mass Pike. The bright red exterior and odd placement allow it to stand out on one hand, but its tiny facade under a tall building perched over the highway seem to hide it on the other. Also good to note: Bukowski is cash only as well as beer and wine only. I love that you enter into a vestibule warning you of that fact. The vintage chandelier which hangs from the ceiling is funky piece of decor.

The long narrow dive bar opens up to a small seating area emitting relaxed vibes.

We took a seat in the corner by this window which provides a unique view.

I enjoyed watching the cars whiz down the turnpike and the Boylston Street landscape in the distance. Unfortunately, the light shining in makes certain picture elements look washed out. I was in no mood to be fussing with camera settings.
I was in more of a bloody mary mood, but this is a beer bar. Could I handle more beer? After all I consumed the night before?
Obviously. I chose a frothy pint of the Boulder Sweaty Betty Blonde ($6) from the Draught list. Brewed by the Boulder Beer Company, the Sweaty Betty is their signature summer brew, an unfiltered cloudy wheat beer with subtle hints of clove and banana.
Our waiter was a cool guy. It was fairly quiet in there but I still thought it worthwhile to mention that he greeted us right away and was on the ball the whole time.
Then it was time to decide on a Burger, which cost between $9 and $10. Now we're talkin'. [Come before 8pm on a weekday however, and your burger is $1.99.] Here are the choices:Adam choose the burger off the specials menu, basically the Barfly Burger but with mushrooms and onions. And he chose mashed potatoes as his side. I swiped a few bites. They were definitely a fun choice! Me, I needed fries. Long semi-thick, soft and warm on the inside, crispy and golden on the outside fries.
But what burger did I chose?

(Good angle of the burger itself. Bad shot of the star topping.)
Ta-Da! That would be a fried egg. There's a first time for everything. I chose the Hangover Helper ($10) at the recommendation of my waiter. Gee, what gave it away? Bacon and a fried egg? It's brunch on a burger! I dove in headfirst and barely came up for air. This burger was a mess and a half. I'm talking runny egg yolk and drippy chipoltle mayo everywhere. Don't get me wrong it was amazing, but definitely the kind of lunch you have to be in the mindset for. Adam laughed at me pretty much the entire time. I laughed at myself too. When I headed to the bathroom to go "wash up", he made some joke about hoping there was a shower in the bathroom. If you've discovered a way to eat a gigantic burger with melted cheddar, bacon, lettuce, tomato, chipoltle mayo, and a fried egg without getting it all over your face and hands, let me know.
If you haven't tried a burger with a fried egg and are now craving one after my glamorous description, head to Bukowski Tavern in Back Bay, or Inman Square, Cambridge. Or just head there for the great beer in an atmosphere with character.
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  1. i miss boston...and now i want a burger!

  2. Mmm, I'm always mysteriously hungry after reading your blog!

  3. That is an incredible post. I love the church and then BAM you hit me with the burger! Not to mention the park and the willow trees!
    so awesome, I love Boston!!!!

  4. That burger with fried egg looks totally awesome!

  5. how in hell did you walk all that way hung over?? i would've fallen out and asked for the burger to be brought back to me...b/c it looks really good. i think i'm going out for fast food b4 bed. this is not good.


  6. Looks like a perfect day in the city!

  7. Beautiful church and the fountain was on...someone up above was looking down on you.

    I'm not sure how I feel about this whole egg trend going on in the culinary world. Why do we need to throw an egg on everything?

  8. Hmm so tell me, if you desperately wanted a cheap burger, why didn't you go to McDonald's or Burger King or whatever other places that I thought were all over the place in the US? Is McDonald's THAT bad?! I used to only go once a year (if even) but with kids we've re-discovered the place - it's SO family-friendly hahaha! Anyway we went out for a wonderful Japanese meal last night so finally I'll be posting yummy sushi pics... like the ones I always see on your blog!!!

  9. hahaha you guys crack me up!
    Carrie - I have NO idea. No really, by the time we set out on foot my hangover had subsided a bit. But I wasn't doing myself any favors that is for sure.
    Melissa - I am not quite sure why we need to throw an egg on everything. Trends are funny that way!!
    Cafe Bellini - You make a good point. ;) But sometimes you just need a "real" burger, you know what I mean? Plus we were making a day of it, and my idea of a sunday funday isn't spend inside a fast food joint. McDonalds does happen to be right down the street. Yep, they are all over the place.

  10. I love days like this when you can wander around and make new discoveries. And the Hangover Burger looks AWESOME. Runny egg? Yes, please!

  11. OMG! It's almost bedtime here and I am seriously craving for a big big big burger with lots of cheese and tomatoes. Yum!

  12. hahahaha "somehow the grocery shopping didn't happen!" i wonder.

    so happy you dove (head first) into the egg burger beeeeeeatch ;)

    FUN purrrrrrrrple stones!

  13. Seems like my kind of place. I think I would go with the bacon and bleu, to of my favorite ingredients.

    Great pics.

  14. You crack me up. There are so many things I love about this post! You are seriously too funny. I love that Adam hoped there was a shower in the bathroom. That burger loos AMAZING. Nothing better than bacon and eggs oh and a burger. Together? Why not. And I agree with you on the fries : )

  15. Oh, there is nothing on this earth quite like a good burger.

    I love the purple stones you found on the street!

    And all the greenery in your outdoorsy shots is just awesome.

  16. Your hangover day was awesome, I usually waste the whole day in bed. The hangover burger looks fantastic too :P

  17. Love that place, I was there this week. I;m glad the burger was good, it looked good!

  18. Wow that burger looks seriously yummy!

  19. Looks like a great afternoon! And I love burgers {or anything greasy, for that matter, after a night of drinking} Love that it was even called the Hangover Helper!

  20. I love that the fountain was on!! I've never had food at Bukowski's, but I do love their beer :)


  21. I still love the Boston Common. My mother used to bring me there in the summer. That's one of my fondest memories. I hadn't been for years until last year.

    Cool stairs! I'm gonna heat to the Unitarian Universalist Church just for pictures on the stairs!

    Say the name of the church three times fast! LOL.

  22. You guys did fab for being hungover! I would have stayed in bed all day and ordered in Chinese! XX!

  23. Your hangover burger is more like a coronary egg on red meat! But it looks really appetizing and I don't even eat meat. :)