Friday, June 6, 2014

Bronwyn | Union Square

In Somerville's Union Square, Bronwyn serves a fresh take on the food and drink of Germany and Eastern Europe. The deeply wooded interior is warm and rustic, bedecked with handcrafted treasures from the region, notably a mash up of tall, regal looking wooden chairs. And, the biergarten is open now that we've reached the warmer months! 

The girls and I put a serious dent in the menu. I was really impressed with everything we ate and drank. It all felt so original, so refreshing and much needed. In order of appearance.....

Giant Haus Bretzel | spicy horseradish mustard 
Peirogi | haus-made ham & cheddar cheese dumplings, sweet pea relish, mint
Thüringia Pickled Eggs | habanero mustard
Spätzle | classic schwabian pasta, spring ramps, red onion marmalade, comte cheese
Sieben | Citadelle Gin, Cocchi Amaretto, Aperol, Grapefruit, Sparkling Riesling
Smokey Bone | Templeton Rye, Creme Yvette, Green Chartreuse, Jerry Thomas Bitters
Schmaltz | chicken & pork fat, cracklin, pickled onion, rye bread
Okocim Premium Pils Bresko Poland | light, well balanced hops, biscuity flavors
Schnitzel à la Holstein | pork schnitzel, soldier bean ragoût, soft boiled egg, white anchovies, capers
Mini Wurst Plate | Cotechino - pig skin, cinnamon, clove / Currywurst - pork, veal, curry / potatoes, sauerkraut, haus mustard 
Reibekuchen (unpictured, but amazing) | horseradish potato pancakes, rhubarb chutney, dill crème fraîche

255 Washington St
Somerville, MA 02143
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  1. So eager to try this place out, and your beautiful pictures make it even more enticing. A shame that Union Square can't be reached without a car.

  2. Sorry to miss you ladies that night! And REALLY disappointed to have missed the pretzels!

  3. Such a fun evening! Need to get back there and sit outside!

  4. I've only been here once, but we got there late-night and just ordered beers. I need to go back soon, especially considering it's pretty much within walking distance to my house!

  5. i love your blog even more now that i live here. i need to re read all your old posts!

  6. That,s nice Christina. I end up doing it so often.

  7. I love the exterior of the restaurant; very cool!

  8. We really did make a good dent in the menu! Love your pics, as always!

  9. Gorgeous photos. Those eggs! Everything looks delicious.