Tuesday, June 17, 2014

cape & islands spring

Cape Cod and the Islands in the springtime are a lovely place to be. I feel like I packed in an entire summers worth of favorite places after back to back weekends in May. There was lots of quality time with Mom - dinner at Brewster Fish House, grilling on her back deck and long beach walks in Dennis. Memorial Day Weekend saw opening night at The Beachcomber, a bike ride to Chatham Light and lunch at The Squire, and a spontaneous day trip to Nantucket to party with the Figawi Crowd

Also, I just spent four days on Martha's Vineyard, so, a lot of that coming up next....

1. The bar at Brewster Fish House (my entree below)
2. evening walk on Corporation Beach
3. Pan-Roasted Skate Wing w/ marcona almond puree, pea tendrils, maitake & curry vinaigrette
4. Blue Haired Ladys at The Tavern on Nantucket
5. treasures from Chapin Beach in Dennis
6. Harpoon IPA at Chatham Squire | Lobster Roll at The Tavern
7. Chatham Lighthouse Beach
8. a morning on Chapin Beach in Dennis
9. dunes at Chatham Lighthouse Beach
10. salad and grilled pizza on my mom's back deck in Yarmouthport


  1. Your spring/summers always look like so much fun! And delicious. I've never been to Martha's Vineyard (kind of ashamed about that), so I can't wait for your post!


  2. Always look forward to your Cape photos - so amazing

  3. This post just made me even more excited for summer! I've never been to Martha's Vineyard, so I'm looking forward to your recommendations there.

  4. The salad and grilled pizza look amazing! I am so looking forward to some Cape time this summer. Beautiful pictures!

  5. Love your collection of treasures. The weather has been amazing. Pizza looks yum!

  6. What a fabulous start to New England summer!

  7. wow...Kristen! this post just brings me back to our endless summers...man I miss those-and you!