Monday, April 5, 2010

Eastern Standard Patio Party

There has forever been a citywide buzz about Eastern Standard Bar & Kitchen and there probably always will be. Situated on Commonwealth Avenue in Kenmore Square, connected to the swanky Hotel Commonwealth and en route to good old Fenway Park, they pride themselves on catering to a diverse crowd in a polished brasserie atmosphere. The sprawling 46 foot white and black marble bar boasts a lively crowd of locals and visitors alike. Eastern Standard has consistently provided a great time no matter the type of outing I had in store. Whether after work sipping a few quality martinis and munching on fried calamari with black pepper aioli, feasting on the Standard Burger and fries late night, or enjoying a cold beer with the crowd pre or post Red Sox game. This past Saturday brought myself and 20+ others out to celebrate our friends birthday on the patio.
The weather was perfect for an outdoor event. We sipped on lots of fun cocktails and dined on platter after platter of fresh New England seafood from the raw bar.
My first drink of the afternoon was the Raspberry Lemon Fizz: You know you want it! (So the cocktail menu has funny little notes under the drink sometimes in lieu of listing the ingredients.) This was ordered off the Oeuf menu, with a small disclaimer noted: Consuming raw eggs may increase your risk of being held in high regard by the bar! This drink offered an enjoyable sweet and tangy combo with a delightful frothy topping lent from the egg white.
I sampled Adam's Mint Juliep which was potent and refreshing. The excessive amount of mint garnish is added on purpose to inhale the scent as you are sipping. I had a Dark-n-Stormy next. Oh how I missed this welcoming warm weather beverage. I actually had my first taste of one last spring and continued to drink them all summer long. Not sure how I lived without them before then.
It was unbelievably good so I ordered a second one. The drinks were going down way too easy today. There were many refills of champagne throughout the afternoon as well.
I had a funny conversation with someone - "you know when you see those huge bottles of champagne behind the bar but you never really think that anyone drinks them?"and "ok so maybe if they DO get drank, you never think you'd be the one drinking them." What can I say, giant bottles of champagne were just how we rolled today. Speaking of giant....
These Alaskan King crab legs were just a tad intimidating. Luckily, Adam and I are pro crab shuckers after last weekend. The legs were packed full of fresh succulent meat to dip in the zesty cocktail and tartar sauces. We also snacked on french fries and a cheese plate. The french fries were thin cut and seasoned to perfection. The cheese plate left a little something to be desired. It was literally 6 pieces of plain cheddar cheese and about 12 water crackers. Even if the aim is to keep it simple and palatable for all - a few more types of cheese and crackers really wouldn't hurt the cause. In anycase, a very Happy Birthday was had!!
For my err fourth and final drink, I tried out the Jack Rose: a toast for the travel weary.
This had Applejack, Pomegranate, and fresh lemon.
I liked it. (Obviously...) Eastern Standard really can't make a drink I won't like (I'm pretty sure.)
As the sun went down and the temperature cooled, the heat lamps kept us warm for a couple more hours before the patio party moved down the street to TC's Lounge and eventually The Beehive. It was wonderful to enjoy a day long celebration among friends and embrace Aprils lovely weather in the process. Thanks Eastern Standard, as always, for playing such a fabulous host!


  1. eggs white in a drink?! INTERESTING! it is true, i don't think there is a drink out there that you would not like!

  2. yes! Trishy reccomended i try one of the egg drinks. turns out i tried the same one as her and she had asked the waitress what was in it.