Sunday, April 25, 2010

City Walks

Boston is a great walking city. I should know, I walk everywhere. Saturday mine and Tricia's adventures-on-foot lead us to shopping on Hanover Street and in Downtown Crossing. We also walked to the Boston Common Loews to take in a flick. We felt sort of guilty being in the movie theater on such a ridiculously nice day, but Date Night as recommended to us the evening before was calling our name. Hilariously cheesy with Tina Fey and Steve Carell, we both really enjoyed it. I feel like it didn't get good reviews?
Before my walk on Sunday, I fueled up with breakfast cheffed by Adam.
I drank a spiked coffee.
Spiked not because I'm trying to get my buzz on at 11am, but because I ran out of sugar and this makes my coffee sweet! Adam headed out on a bike ride and I headed out to wander and take pictures.
Christopher Columbus Park right down the street is home to some of the most beautiful Tulips I've ever seen.
They go on for days. Glorious.
The park also boasts beautiful trees in full bloom.

I headed across the park and out onto the docks of Long Wharf North.
~Low tide~

I continued along the Harborwalk.
The wharf has intricate stonework right under your feet, and amazing views across the harbor in all directions.
I got hungry.
All that walking worked up an appetite.
If you're ever in the city and looking for something to do after your Faneuil Hall shopping spree, your lunch in the North End, or your trip to the Aquarium, follow the bright blue signs and take in a Downtown Boston Harborwalk. I know I'll be taking many more as the warm weather sets in for good!


  1. looks like the perfect day!!! I love the picture cropping! What program are you doing that in?

  2. I absolutely love walking around Boston too! I keep seeing those beautiful tulips on everyones blogs I really need to get downtown to see them!

    As for your question on my blog matron of honor = married, maid is not. You don't have to have both at all, I just do because I wanted my sister and my best friend (I was maid of honor in my best friend's wedding last year). My fiance has 2 brothers, so he did 2 best men so it made sense for us. My sister has never been in a wedding before either so I thought it might be nice for her to have someone to split the "work" with...though they haven't had to do that much, but I think it's worked out well so far :)

  3. That does look like my hot dog! but even better~

  4. love this post! also enjoying the cropped pics of purp converse, buoys, tulips and twisty trees!

  5. Lizzy - I used 2 programs - Microsoft Office Picture Manager for resizing and then I paste them into Paint.
    Kelly - thanks for answering my question! Makes sense why you'd pick two :) matron = married maid of honor. got it!

  6. Awesome photos!!!

    I love walking around Boston. It's my favorite (and cheapest) weekend activity. And I'm soo impatient too. Damn tourists. They should be confined to Yawkey for a Sox game and that's it. :) j/k j/k

  7. Kristen we are venturing to the Arboretum some weekend next! You will love it, we need to get there while the lilacs are still in bloom, they are amazingggg