Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Boulder: Centro | West End Tavern | Walrus Saloon

Our first night out in Downtown Boulder began with dinner at Centro Latin Kitchen and Refreshment Palace located in the heart of the city at 950 Pearl Street.

We wasted no time ordering drinks and cheers-ing to the start of a great weekend together in Colorado. Drinks in the mix included a Grapefruit Margarita, Red Wine Sangria, a local beer on tap and my Mojito! They have a drink menu of vast proportions, offering something for everyone.We ordered chips and salsa to kick off the meal. For dinner I enjoyed the Garlicky Griddled Shrimp Tacos piled high with pickled red onions, green peppers, fresh shredded and grated cheese, radishes, jalapenos and lemon aioli, with achiote rice and black bean refritos.
Dishes at Centro proved to be soulful and innovative. I was definitely impressed with my first meal out in Boulder.
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Our next stop on Pearl Street was the West End Tavern.
This bar is home to over 50 types of Bourbon. It has menus listing tasty brews on draft, creative specialty drinks, margaritas, and of course Bourbon cocktails.
I decided to try Not Your Grandma's Bourbon and Ginger ($7)
It was a potent blend of house infused vanilla spice bourbon with fresh ginger, organic agave nectar and soda water. This was just the pick me up I needed after stuffing my face full of shrimp tacos.
The two floor tavern was bustling with activity. We had ourselves a great time!
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Next we moved the party to The Walrus Saloon. It's more of a college hangout (The University of Colorado's main campus is in Boulder) but we loved the basement dive all the same
They serve cheap beers. I had a Red Stripe and a Rolling Rock. The back of the space is filled with every bar game imaginable. We played Big Buck Hunter and Skee Ball.
and Air Hockey!
There are also pool tables and Foosball. Walrus played the jams - even music that we recalled dancing to at UNH in our beloved dive bar basements. It only made us miss college even more! But I wouldn't trade where I am in life with the friends I made there for anything.
Last but not least, the bar has a large barrel of peanuts for the taking.
It's a throw the shells on the floor type of place. I snagged a handful for the walk home.
Which included a photo shoot with this statue.

It feels so amazing to be here; finally experiencing where Laura has lived for the past 8 months and exploring a super cool city with some of my favorite people. Stay tuned for more Boulder Adventures!


  1. LOVE the old UNH picture!!!

  2. yea love the throw back to another picture of us with animal statues haha!

  3. oh gosh...what was the animal we posed with at the sytycd show at mohegan?! dare i say it was a wildcat?

  4. Corinne - we were at MGM Grand (which is Foxwoods not Mohegan). Hence the animal was a LION (which is basically a wildcat!) bahaha good memory I should put that throwback up there too.

  5. im hungry again after reading your recap