Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jax Fish House | Boulder

Another night in Boulder with my ladies!
When the drinks were finished we piled in the car and headed to the highly anticipated event of the weekend, dinner at Jax Fish House.
The executive Chef Hosea Rosenberg holds the title of Top Chef Season 5 which was filmed in New York City and aired on Bravo back in 2008. 
While waiting for our table at the bar I sipped a  Cucumber Infused Vodka Martini.
This is one of those drinks you could linger over all evening and feel refreshed after each sip.

We were seated under a giant fish hook and some pretty fish art, and given some tasty bread and a small bowl of crayons! 
I ordered a couple west coast oysters from the raw bar.
Once the waiter explained the salad special, Miners Lettuce ($7) with Sherry Vin, Macadamia nuts, Haystack Chevre, apples and dried cherries, I knew I had to get it. 

All I could picture was the fresh handpicked leafy greens he went on about. I wanted them. 
This was a really amazing combination of long leafy greens, sweet dried fruit, fresh tart fruit, crumbled cheese and my favorite type of nuts. Erin ordered a salad as well. Holy Iceberg Wedge ($8)!Photo shoot in between courses!

For my entree I ordered off the appetizer menu. I went with my gut and my gut told me 'more oysters'.
Oysters Rockefeller ($14) with bacon, pine nuts, spinach, pernod and asiago were briny and smooth, coated in crispy breadcrumbs.
Erin's Jax Chicken and Crawfish Gumbo ($8) looked amazing as well!My second drink at dinner was a St. Germain Bubbly ($9). I just love St Germainhere they mixed it with Grey Goose la Poire and bubbles
We had such a blast tonight. The lively scene and upbeat vibe was an ideal dinner venue for our Saturday night out.
Jax Fish House rocks.
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So do they. Love it here. Love them.


  1. Those oysters look out of control. I've only had oysters once and wasn't a big fan - maybe I just didn't order them in the right place.

  2. That picture of the bread and martini is like perfection in a picture. Oh yeah, and the hot pink cupcakes- maybe we can somehow add those to the bread and martini picture. That would be a solid meal as far as I'm concerned!

  3. Friends don't let friends shop drunk.
    So jealous that you went to Hosea's restaurant! Looks like an amazing meal and such a fun girl's weekend. FYI "mignonette" is the sauce that comes with the oysters, not the type of oyster ;)

  4. hahaha Gretchen are you kidding me! What would I do without you? What the heck were those mini oysters I ate?