Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lunch Table Dreams

We're moving.
To Santorini.;)
But how nice would that be?! This recurring conversation comes up I'd say ohhh on average once every couple months whenever Adam and I are sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch and venting to each other about work. We actually like our jobs. And where we live. But we also like the idea ever since we traveled to Greece in 2007, of packing up shop and moving here:
Whitewashed houses on cliffs and black sand beaches don't get old.
Our lunch conversations go a little something like....
Everyone speaks English there anyways.
But we'd also pick up Greek really quickly if we lived there...
Adam: "I could get a job as a fisherman!"
Daisy: "Maybe I could be a tour guide?"
We could live in a cute little apartment in the side of a cliff. (Prime real estate, didn't ya know?)
The supermarket has everything we'd need!
As you can see, we've got it all figured out. Santorini is magical.
The conversation came up today because (in addition to filling each other in on the latest work drama) we were talking about how Greece's economy isn't doing so hot. We'd move anyways. Greeks rock.
Or we'll keep dreamin' at the lunch table.
That sounds about right.

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  1. Your pics of Santorini made me SO sad we had to cancel our summer vacation plans to go there. We were supposed to rent a house for a week with some friends, but the flights were too expensive. :(