Sunday, May 2, 2010

All We Need is Love

Road Trip! I love adventure weekends.
Sometimes it's nice to get out of the city and it's always nice to see family. I have LOTS of family. It never seems to stop growing. This Connecticut trip my sister and I were visiting my Dad's older brothers family; my Uncle Steve and Aunt Donna, whose kids are Jen, Amy, Billy, and Meg. Though none of them are actually kids anymore. Between Jen, Amy, Billy and their spouses, they have 10 kids of their own! The oldest is 18 and the youngest are 2 year old twins. Meg has over 100 "kids" whom she teaches dance at her company: Nutmegs Dance & Theater Co. This includes some of the 10 kids referenced above (her nieces and nephews, my second cousins.) We were lucky enough to score tickets (awesome seats, thanks Jen!) to the Company's Saturday evening sold out performance of "All We Need is Love."
Besides the obvious, teaching dance, Meg is the artistic director / choreographer / mastermind behind it all. However, each family member plays an integral role in putting on the show. They have been coming together to make this magical event happen every year since 2003.
The choreography was absolutely incredible. The songs and costumes were so much fun. The dancing was spectacular. From the two year old twins in their first stage performance, to the younger girls carefree numbers like "Escapade" (Janet Jackson) & "Send me on My Way"(Rusted Root), followed by a Hairspray Medley that fills my heart right up (something about the motion of the ocean and the rain from above that puts a huge smile on my face every time.) There were some intense Bollywoods, some moving contemporary pieces, and the older girls lit up the stage in Broadway numbers like "You Make My Dreams" (Hall & Oates) and "Don't Stop Believin" (GLEE). The younger boys had a rockin "Bye Bye Bye" ('NSYNC) hip-hop routine and there was even a re-staged "Put a Ring On It" (Beyonce) number staring Nutmeg herself. There were all those and so so many more amazing dances! The finale had the Senior boys and eventually the whole company dancing to Thriller. I was hooked from beginning to end, awed and inspired. I'm going to focus on the food and drink pictures of the weekend as I'm sure any / all interested parties got their fill of DANCE via my facebook album.
It all began at Ruby Tuesday across the street from my Grandpa's House in Bloomfield, CT. Leah and I had some time to kill before meeting up with my Dad, Lisa, and Caycee. We opted for a seat at the bar. I had a Bloody Mary and Leah had a Mango Mojito.
Second round was Mango Mojitos for the both of us.
Did I mention these cocktails only cost $5 each?! What a deal they've got going. The bartender was a super friendly gal who muddled and shook a mean drink, which even came with chunks of fresh mango and a sugar cane. We put in an order of the Four Way Sampler to share. I was pleasantly surprised with how fast it came out and how good everything tasted.
Here we have: Southwestern Spring Rolls, Chicken Strips, Fried Mozzarella and Fire Wings w/ celery sticks. I am pretty sure this location is the only Ruby T's I've ever been to. From my limited experiences, munching on apps and drinking at the bar, they consistently live up and the service has always been great! The next good eats of the weekend were after the show at my cousin Jen and her husband Rob's business, Rome's Place. The wrap party was held here, where much to my amazement, some of the girls who just put on a 3 hour performance, continued dancing till the wee hours of the night. These kids eat sleep and breathe dance. I think it is awesome. I ate some fresh veggies, delish homemade pizza,
some fried dough, and we drank Coronas.
I had a blast catching up with my older cousins and enjoying the continued dance performances by my younger (second) cousins and their friends. The next morning came too soon for all of us. Aunt Donna and crew put together the perfect brunch spread complete with a Bloody Mary and mimosa bar. Does my family know how to throw a brunch or what?!We had bagels galore, lemon pound cake, fruit salad, scrambled eggs, homefries and croissants (w/ Nutella!) We ate on the huge wraparound porch.

Afterward, Leah and I went for a walk around the farm. My cousins own some 40 acres of land!

We explored the gardens, barns, and old horse stables.
I've always loved this place. We spent a lot of time here with them as kids. Leah and I didn't want to leave Granby, but after a few more hours of visiting we knew it was time to hit the road. We made a smart move and stopped at Target for gallons of water. In CT we didn't have to fight anyone for these! The Weston water main break has left oh just about 2 million of us in Boston and surrounding communities without clean water. Should be an interesting week.....


  1. Those cocktails look delish! What a fun weekend trip.

    Good lick with the water crisis :-(

  2. I LOVE farms! So jealous of your farm time! Everything looks amazing, and you were smart to get water!

  3. Hi! Thanks for checking out my blog!

    Your family are my kind of people! I want to come to a brunch, drink and ride around on tractors!

    The water thing stinks, but I'm happy it's not going to last as long as they originally said.
    Have a great day lady!

  4. Do you have clean tap water!? I feel like for some reason I thought you were okay but now I am second guessing! YIKES. LOVE LOVE the farm pics. The porch is INCREDIBLE. The sign "welcome to the porch" is perfection.

  5. Awesome road trip! I love all of the photos from around the farm. They look so "Classic American" to me. I wish I knew someone with a farm so I could go visit on a sunny day and just snap pictures. LOL.

  6. We need a Rubys around here. The mango mojito was seriously the best ever!!

  7. You got some great photos around the barns! We are taking prom pictures here Friday night! Hope they come out as good as yours did! Will post on facebook after the big event! The parents are staying after photos to hang on the porch for some apps and drinks! It is supposed to be a nice day!