Monday, July 11, 2016

Banyan Bar + Refuge

A brief stint barside at Banyan Bar + Refuge! Have you been?

The Slushy Kirin Ichiban is so much fun!! Banyan owns one of only three machines in the U.S . You've got to try it! I'd totally go back just for that.

Then there were a couple tasty small bites: Crispy Pig Tails ($8) / pineapple sweet + sour sauce, peanut, cilantro / Fried Chicken Bun ($8) / gouchang "buffalo" sauce, ranch dressing, scallion slaw / and a cocktail: Nippon Negroni / lemongrass + ginger infused gin, campari, cocci americano /

And when the third small bite never arrived, a draft Painkiller ($5) / five spice infused rum, pineapple, orange, coconut foam / for each of us on the house. The manager came over to explain the kitchen was having trouble getting the texture of the Takoyaki ($9) / braised calamari, nori, aoili, bonito / right. I guess there were issues with the fryer and it kept coming out soggy. I appreciated that they didn't serve us a poorly executed dish, and was happy that they sent the drink + an explanation over in its place. We couldn't wait around because we had a surprise party to make it to - otherwise I would have been content to linger at the zen Asian gastropub and sample more of the menu.
553 Tremont St
Boston, MA 02116


  1. I had high hopes for this place since we all enjoyed Hammersly's so much over the years. But each time we've gone the food has been flawless and the atmosphere simply untenable. Shrieking, screaming, kids -- yelling so loud that conversation is impossible. No need for that. Upscale places like SRV prove that you can generate a healthy buzz of energy without permitting outright screaming.

    1. what a bummer! Sounds like that totally ruined your experiences. The place was pretty busy when we arrived but we did not have a similar experience with shrieking kids!! I am excited to check out SRV!

  2. Fried chix bun soounds good to me! Never been before- add to the list!

  3. The Slushy Kirin Ichiban has me intrigued!