Friday, December 14, 2012

more Jacó

1. from the balcony
2. late afternoon sun | pina colada @ Los Amigos
3. approaching downtown from our street
4. blackened tuna sashimi @ Caliches Wishbone
5. the surf from afar
6. goods for sale
7. native flora | mountain view
8. Vista Las Palmas (the condo)
9. spicy pulled chicken nachos @ Caliches Wishbone
10. sunset
11. Rock Ice Cerveza on a beach walk


  1. As I sit here freezing cold, these posts definitely make me feel a little warmer! :)

  2. With balcony views like that I am surprised you ever left it!

  3. gorgeous! can't wait for my warm vacation in feb now :)

  4. I am too cheap to turn our heat on during the day - despite the fact that I work from home now - so I would kill to be on that warm beach right now. ;) Looks like such a beautiful place!

  5. Wow. Now being added to my to do list: Go on awesome vacation and drink a pina colada (next year!). Glad you had such a fun trip!

  6. Wish I could go here right now. Looks like the perfect getaway.