Monday, April 27, 2015

Water Island | USVI

Water Island is the smallest of the main US Virgin Islands - with under 200 residents, it's a subdistrict of St Thomas located in Charlotte Amalie Harbor. Leah, Alex, Dad and I spent a day cruising around the tiny island on our golf cart, relaxing on Honeymoon beach, and exploring Fort Segara. You feel completely removed from the hustle and bustle of St Thomas - it's like uncovering a secret island worlds away from the Caribbean you've become accustomed to.

Getting there: Crown Bay Marina, STT --> Phillips Landing. A small passenger ferry is $10 round trip and takes 10 minutes.  Service is reliable and the ferry runs just about every hour.
Getting Around: Kelly's Carts. We lucked out with getting the last available golf cart rental that day. Definitely call at least a day in advance to ensure Kelly will have a cart waiting for you. She's located right at Phillips Landing. $40/day
Fort Segara: Built as part of the defense strategy for WWII, the war ended before it was completed. The abandoned fort has a series of underground bunkers and tunnels that were pretty cool to check out. Otherwise, the panoramic views at the highest point on the island are worth it!
Honeymoon Beach: We arrived on the early side - around 8:30am and had the place to ourselves, besides a yoga class on the nearby porch. Kelly recommended the tacos for lunch at Heidi's Honeymoon Grill, they did not disappoint. I should mention, this was my third day in a row of having fish tacos for lunch! On the far end of the beach, grab some beers at Dinghy's and relax at the floating bar.


  1. beautiful! i am heading to FL later this week and cannot wait for some warm weather and being by the pool (and perhaps a beach day!)

  2. This looks amazing! The water and sky colors are so bright I had to squint as I scrolled through. Oh Boston winter, how you've ruined me.