Tuesday, July 28, 2015

flying cucumber

The folks at Hendrick's Gin recently invited me to ride in their #flyingcucumber. We arrived at Beverly Airfield and were greeted with crisp, cucumber based Gin & Tonic's to sip in their runway living room before boarding the blimp. 

We cruised over picturesque North Shore Massachusetts towns and surrounding harbors, the downtown Boston skyline in the distance. We sipped from an ice cold flask filled with refreshing Hendrick's Gin. The pilot steers with foot pedals (like riding a bike) and hand wheels (like maneuvering a wheelchair). Floating through the sky on a gorgeous July morning -  this was one of my coolest blog-life experiences to date. 


  1. I'm with Bianca, I would kill for this invite! (Note to self: start writing more about gin). These views are gorgeous!

  2. I was wondering how you got to experience the blimp ride. I kept forgetting to ask you! Now I know! Good for you, good for Hendricks!