Monday, November 21, 2016

Blue Lagoon

This is it guys. The final Iceland post. The Blue Lagoon! I don't think it looks as dreamy and magical in my photos as you might imagine it to be in the sparkling sunlight - but it truly is as blast and a classic Iceland experience. The weather was insane when we were there - the windiest wind I have ever been in, causing white caps on the lagoon waters and the bar to flood! We swam to every corner, drank a few beers, coated our faces in a silica mud mask and later an algae mask, and made a lot of friends.

A few tips if you go:
  • Advanced booking is required. I'd recommend the Premium (70). 
  • Coat your hair in conditioner before you enter. Even in doing this, my hair was straw like - very brittle and dry for days after. Your shiny locks should be back to normal in a week or so.
  • On the plus side, your skin will be super soft from the silica and algae masks. Definitely visit the mask bar and try them out, take extra care around the eye area. 
  • Eat dinner at LAVA. It's excellent Icelandic cuisine inspired by the Blue Lagoons surrounding nature. We made reservations upon arrival but it's not a bad idea to make them in advance. You get a free glass of champagne at dinner if you booked the Premium. Below is a look at our meal. 
Bread and Butter - I don't think I've mentioned yet how outstanding bread and butter are in Iceland. The butter is particularly fluffy, rich and creamy and the bread always fresh baked. An Icelandic specialty, really good brown bread preludes nearly every meal. 
Langoustine Soup (ISK 2900) - comes with garlic marinated langoustine and seaweed. You all know by now how much I loved langoustine soup. I ordered it with every meal!
Grilled Beef Tenderloin (ISK 5900) wild mushrooms, crispy potatoes, onion jam and dijon mustard came together to create a dynamic tenderloin dish. I loved that it was a fancy plate with a side of crisp, golden french fries. 
Rack of Lamb (ISK 5900) Another gorgeous and creative entree showcasing beautifully cooked lamb with celeriac, grapes and a kirsch reduction
Thanks everyone for taking this journey back to Iceland with me. It has been so much fun to recap the days of this magical trip! 

In case you missed them!


  1. Love all the Icecland posts! It was great seeing it through your eyes.

  2. I have loved this entire series! Thank you for sharing each stop in such detail and with such stunning photos. I can't wait to see where you go next!

  3. Such an incredible vacation and adventure capped off in a super fun way! I've always wanted to visit the Blue Lagoon and love your recommendations!