Monday, December 19, 2016

Pujol | Polanco | Mexico City

Pujol is a restaruant located in the Polanco district of Mexico City that consistently achieves a spot on the list of best restaurants in the world. Celebrity chef Enrique Olivera takes inspiration from Mexican street food and elevates it to haute cuisine. Indeed, a lot of the ingredients and dishes we had on our street food crawl show up on this outstanding tasting menu. It was pretty cool to draw the parallels and at the end of the day to have had both sets of experiences in such an incredible city!
The must try dish at Pujol is the signature mole madre, mole nuevo, where fresh mole sauce is encased in an outer layer of mole that has been aged for – at the count when we were in, 1112 days. The flavor profile of the two moles absolutely blew me away. The entire tasting menu was enchanting, I especially enjoyed the prelude of bontanas and the fanfare of sweet treats at the end. To drink - mezcal, of course, with a glass of fresh orange rimmed with worm salt. 

I. Street Snacks - Bontanas
Gordita de chicharron, chile de catarino, pice de gallo, erizo (uni)
Chileatole de calbacita milpera (type of squash), chile mulato
Tostada de chia, pure de aguacate (chia and avocado chicharron)
Elote con mayonesa de hormiga chictana, cafe, chile costeno (baby corn, chicanta ant, coffee.)

II. Escamoles (ant larve), macadamia nut, piel de pollo (chicken skin)

III. Tartar de tasajo, limon en conserva, rabano, berro, aguacate
(Dry beef tartar, preserved lemon, radish, watercress, avocado)

IV. Tostada de camaron (shrimp tostada), recado blanco, mayonesa de chipoltle

 V. Pesca del dia, mantequilla avellanada, papa, mayonesa de limon en conserva, apio
(Fish of the day, beurre noisette, potato, lemon mayonnaise, celery)

VI. Mole madre, mole nuevo 1112 dias

VII. Final Feliz - Happy Ending - avocado ice cream, sweet cocoa drink, a sprial of churros!

From the street food stalls to the sophisticated dining room here at Pujol, the food in Mexico City is something very special. And now, we are departing DF and onto Riviera Maya!

Calle Francisco Petrarca 254
Miguel Hidalgo, Polanco
11570 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

[Restaurant images credit | Araceli Paz]