Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mount Gay Rum Supper

Let's talk about rum; the worlds oldest refined rum, the brand that is intimately connected to the sea and sailing community, the kind first distilled in copper pots on the northernmost tip of Barbados 310 years ago in 1703, Mount Gay. Harmoniously blended using sugar cane molasses and coral filtered Barbarian water, Mount Gay produces some wonderfully elegant, full bodied and complex rums. 
The brand ambassador, Scott Fitzgerald and the lovely folks at their marketing company hosted a private dinner at Forum, where we honored their Black Barrel blend - a small batch of handcrafted rums matured in double pot distillates and finished in charred bourbon oak barrels. A luminescent amber color boasting aromas and flavors of spice, pepper and toasted wood with hints of sweet caramel and vanilla, this rum is something special.
The first cocktail we enjoyed as we mingled before dinner was a Black and Ginger - Black Barrel, ginger ale, angostura bitters and a lime wedge. Once we sat down and Scott began his stories (quite the storyteller, I loved learning about the rum through his tales) we were served Black Barrel neat, alongside another cocktail called the Old Soul - Black Barrel, lime juice, simple syrup, mint leaves and a prosecco float. This one was my favorite; it was elegant and refined just like the rum itself. 
The supper began with a gorgeous appetizer, the Spiced Seared Tuna with a cucumber mango salad, avocado crema and a white soy passion fruit vinaigrette. Scott waxed poetic about rum, and we listened to tales of the Mount Gay Barbados Regatta among others. 
For the main course, Forum presented a beautifully prepared Pan Roasted Halibut with pineapple salsa, rice pilaf and asparagus, accompanied by another terrific drink. The Mt Nahn was a balanced, tropical blend of Black Barrel, Kings Ginger, lime juice, pineapple juice and Peychauds bitters with an absinthe rinse.

Dessert was outstanding, Mount Gay Extra Old served neat alongside Southern Style Fried Peach Pies with ginger anglaise and salted caramel sauce. 
They gifted us a bottle, and I'm nearly through it! Friends I have been sharing it with are equally impressed. I love discovering new staples for my at home bar. Many thanks, Mount Gay!

bottle images photo credit: Daniel Krieger


  1. The Old Soul sounds like it would be my favorite too! Looks like a great tasting!

  2. I love the notebook they gave you. the halibut looks yummy.

  3. tuna and halibut along with my new found rum what a treat

  4. Sounds like an absolutely delicious experience! Love the rum notebook.