Monday, September 22, 2014

Escape to Mirbeau

Arriving at a chateau that looks like it was transplanted straight out of the French Countryside, I spot the number 35 above the framed doorway, confirming I have reached my destination for the afternoon. Mirbeau Inn & Spa is located at 35 Landmark Drive in The Pinehills - a luxury residential community in Plymouth, MA, just off of exit 3 on route 3, 45 minutes south of Boston. A short yet leisurely Sunday drive already feels worth it, it is a crisp late summer day with rich blue skies, and this place is gorgeous.  

A doorman greets me at the entrance and escorts me down a regal winding staircase to the spa, where I quickly check in, am whisked to the spotless locker room, and provided with a pair of Haviana Flip flops and a fluffy terrycloth robe. I was wisely advised to arrive an hour before my scheduled massage, and so at this point I have the full hour to enjoy the complimentary amenities. 

I start in the Eucalyptus steam room, inhaling the scent that at once invigorates and calms, the relaxation is immediate. Being in here feels like relieving your body of a lifetime worth of toxins. On my way out I grab a cool, cucumber infused facecloth and retreat to the indoor resting area. It's quiet, not because they have signs posted reminding you to "Shhhh" but because not a soul is around. In complete serenity guest's can recline in a padded lounge chair, cozy up to the fire, or soak their feet in a heated massage pool that surrounds a large stone flickering with candles.
My masseuse, Lindsay, greets me right on time. Given my choice between two oils, I choose the energizing - a blend of rosemary, blood orange and mint. The calming scent combines sandalwood, lime, ginger and green tea. I later realize these to be Mirbeau's signature scents, found throughout the spa in their lotions, body wash, shampoos and conditioners. The massage is heavenly. Lindsay works a rhythm that feels in tune with the unusually upbeat and later soothing music, and I appreciate her focus on the hands and feet. Post massage, I head to the Aqua Terrace, a tranquil outdoor bar and lounge space featuring a jacuzzi and babbling rock fountain. I'm fine to dunk my feet in for now and soak in the sun, next time I'll remember my bathing suit!
I decide on a quick shower before my lunch reservation, feeling invigorated I throw my wet hair in a bun, spritz in some of their hairspray and slather on some of that amazing scented lotion. I am entirely hesitant to walk out the locker room door. Do I really have to leave this realm of luxury? At least there is lunch to look forward to....

The experience at Spa Mirbeau is first rate. Seeking to add calm and balance back into life, this chateau tucked away in Plymouth's Pinehills is a worthy destination. 
I was treated to a complimentary "Touch of Class" spa package (choice of one 50-minute massage, facial, or nail treatment with a 3-course lunch) which retails for $200. View all the spa treatments and packages here.


  1. That sounds amazing. I have been craving a massage lately. I guess that's what getting back into running does to you. What a beautiful spot!

  2. I'm so glad to read this! I have heard mixed reviews but was so excited for this spa to come to the area.

  3. Wow! What a luxurious and rejuvenating experience. This place looks stunning.