Friday, May 8, 2015

Mahoe Bay | Virgin Gorda

On this vacation, I am pretty confident that we spent more time underwater than we did on the beach. While the BVI is know for excellent Scuba diving, I've never been particularly interested - the simplicity and ease of snorkeling is more appealing to me. Floating along in the warm water with tropical fish, my soul is happy. At Mahoe Bay we snorkeled in the most gorgeous sparkling aquamarine waters to a deserted beach just around the cove where we discovered lots of unique coral. Mahoe Bay didn't have as many fish as some of the other spots, but it did have an incredible under water landscape. Being here, exploring the bay and this quiet, pristine strip of beach was enough. (Our next snorkel adventures will have lots of fish!!) 

P.S. These and other water photos were taken with my Nikon CoolPix S32. It's a fun, easy to use and reliable underwater/shockproof camera. This trip wouldn't have been the same without it!

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  1. The color of the water is breathtaking! Love the underwater photos. Thank you for sharing the camera type and model!