Friday, May 1, 2015

Windy Hill Cottage | Virgin Gorda

I LOVED the house we rented on Virgin Gorda. Tastefully decorated with an open floor plan, a large wraparound patio and multiple sets of double doors, it was elegant and spacious, secluded and relaxing. The two bedroom/two bathroom layout is ideal for two couples or a small family. 

We cooked lots of meals here, taking full advantage of the grill and the various outdoor seating areas with a view. The house comes with beach towels and chairs, as well as snorkels and fins. And can't forget that blissful little pool - a perfect touch! Windy Hill is situated in between Spanish Town and The Baths, a very easy location to get to and from each day.

And when you leave, there's no need to worry about closing the doors, nevermind locking them. Virgin Gorda is so safe, in fact, that our host told us not to worry about locking the car we rented from her, and to leave the keys in the ignition. How's that for carefree, easy living?  


  1. this place was such a dream!

  2. That house is seriously amazing. I love renting houses when we travel!

  3. It looks like it's sitting inside a giant tree! What an amazing rental property.