Monday, November 9, 2015

Yaquina Head + Cobble Beach

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area is located just North of Newport, notably where Basalt headlands extend a mile into the Pacific. After coming from Yaquina Bay Lighthouse on the southern end of Newport, I just assumed we would check out lighthouse number two - Yaqiuna Head - take in the views and call it a day. But then we discovered Cobble Beach. Comprised of millions of round basalt rocks and fascinating tide pools; we were lucky to arrive at low tide. The ocean floor revealed vibrant creatures and plants; from orange and pink starfish, purple sea urchins and funky green anemones to iridescent rainbow kelp and wakame winged kelp. If you ever find yourself in or passing through Newport, Oregon, definitely drive out to Yaquina Head and check out Cobble Beach!


  1. so many sea creatures! I've always wanted to find those in nature. Beautiful photos, again!