Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Primo | Rockland, Maine

Primo is the best of the best. I unknowingly had this place on my bucket list ever since Anthony Bourdain / No Reservations / Season 6 / 2010. I say unknowingly because I forgot the name entirely for years, but, traveling up here sparked my memory of the show - and an elusive restaurant - a white farmhouse on a hill - in Rockland, Maine....

Surprise! That's where Bob scored reservations for our engagement dinner (obviously having not discussed any plans with me, definitely having no idea about my memories from watching the show many years prior.) Fun how things work out like that. Very serendipitous!

The experience was unforgettable and the staff treated us like royalty! Seriously, I had never felt so special, post engagement glow and all that.

Seared Husdon Valley Foie Gras ($22) | chive biscuit, seared strawberries, madiera jus
Oysters Rockafeller ($17) | baked in the wood oven w bacon butter, spinach + parmesan
Cabernet Franc, Chateau du Hureau ($48) | “Saumur~Champigny” 2010 France
Pan Roasted Halibut ($38) | Maine shrimp + corn, asparagus, fiddleheads, spoonbread
Pork Saltimboca ($33) | roast garlic mash, garden spinach, prosciutto + mushroom, madiera jus
Banana Pudding Parfait | house made Nilla wafers and baked meringue

Also check out Eater New England's 38 Essential Restaurants. I was glad to see Primo on that list.

2 Main Street
Rockland, ME 04841


  1. Everything looks perfect and that's so awesome that it's a place you forgot you always wanted to go :) Congrats again!!


  2. We just spent 4 days in Camden and this was on my wish list, but my mother overruled it, deeming it "too fancy" for our trip. So fun to experience it through your eyes, especially on the night of your engagement!

  3. I don't really eat oysters but those look delicious! Hope you're enjoying the engaged life! :)

  4. love this! your ring looks beautiful and you both look glowing with happiness!