Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia - you have charmed and delighted us.

This small southern city is defined by live oak trees with branches draped elegantly in Spanish moss, where a gentle October sun streaming through them casts a soft glow over the historic squares. When darkness falls it's a different story, the moss takes on a spooky, lifelike quality and Savannah reveals her haunted past.  

In Savannah's Historic District you can meander about the beautiful streets with a cocktail in hand. Count your best girlfriends by your side, even better!

The photos featuring the long canopy arch of live oak trees are taken at the Wormsloe State Historic Site - an absolute must visit when in Savannah.
Savannah felt sort of undiscovered; like everyone is hanging out or moving to cosmopolitan Charleston and then comparing the two. The comparisons (I heard a lot when I visited Charleston this past August) feel almost unfair. Despite being neighbors, Savannah is an entirely different southern city and she is so so lovely in her own right.

Savannah pays homage to her rich, storied past in ways that impressed me beyond expectation. Besides the history that lives among each of the 24 endearing squares and along the lively waterfront, think: wildly popular ghost tours. prohibition speakeasys hidden in brick alleys where you absolutely can not get in without a password (we had connections!) 
You'll find Southern cuisine rooted in tradition, live bands performing at City Market, underground bars, and so much more. You will also find a city that's fresh and eager to please with urban riverfront hotels, innovative restaurants and a serious cocktail scene.

Thank you Savannah for being the perfect choice for our sixth annual. Good girlfriends are truly one of the best things in life!

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  1. Oooh, I went to Savannah almost exactly a year ago and loved it. Have you been to The Grey? Phenomenal food and space

    1. Yes we did eat dinner at The Grey! How incredible is that place?!?

  2. My sister went to SCAD and my whole family fell in love with Savannah. It's so idyllic. It feels like you're strolling through a movie set. It's so charming it can't possibly be real.