Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Inaho | Yarmouthport

After a successful yard sale on what I'd deem the perfect New England fall day; crisp and cool with sunny blue skies, my Mom, sister and I treated ourselves to an extravagant dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant, Inhao, located at 157 Main Street (Rt. 6A) in quaint Yarmouthport center. The waitstaff is always pleasant and informed, our waitress explained the specials in great detail, even multiple times, and rolled with the punches as we sipped martinis, ordered dishes at random throughout the evening, and grew louder with every sip of sake. (Carafes were ordered once the martinis were polished off.)
Suffice to say, we went all out.
The martinis and saketinis ($9.50 each) are crafted with a heavy hand and a sugared rim. I enjoyed the Ginger Martini which is a simple blend of Stoli vodka shaken with ginger syrup. Leah drank the Lemondrop Saktetini containing Absolut Citron, Limoncello syrup, sake and fresh lemon juice. Mom had the classic French Martini made with Stoli vodka, Chambord and pineapple juice.We started with one of the specials, the Tuna Sampler ($13) which boasted three types of fresh tuna and a ceviche. Nigiri consisted of fatty, marbled bluefin toro, albacore, and ahi (yellowfin), and an ahi ceviche layered with cucumber and jalapeno, creating a well rounded sampling of exceptionally fresh fish. Along with this appetizer we ordered the Double Dragon ($17) off the maki roll menu. The best I tell you! These maki full of of tuna, salmon and avocado come delicately dripped with spicy mayo and adorned with heaping piles of deep black and bright citrus colored fish roe, then generously sprinkled with tempura flakes and scallions.They don't miss a beat. When you pay $17 for a maki roll, you get your monies worth, so don't let the price tag deter you and merely let the menu guide you, the specials here are always worth it, and reasonably priced at that.  Speaking of specials, we also ordered on our waitresses recommend a Volcano Shot ($12)
These are California rolls topped with fresh scallop, mushrooms and sauteed bok choy in a spicy mayo, sweet miso sauce and tempura flake crusted emulsion.Wow, did this ever impress. Sensational flavors and textures all around.
Sake time! They offer a one size fits all carafe for $6. We also splurged on a sashimi plate of the Bluefin Toro ($14).And then an order of Unagi ($5) and Tako ($4.50) and 
Miso Soup ($2.50) each.

The dinner was paced to our liking and I was highly appreciative of our waitresses considerate demeanor. We took our time, we sipped martinis, deep conversation ensued, we debated over the menu, we downed shoots of volcano rolls and sake, we ordered more sushi whenever the moment struck. I'm pretty sure the moment would have continued to strike until closing time if we didn't stop ourselves by placing a dessert order.
A family staple since day one, circa age 12 birthday dinner, I present to you the Flourless Chocolate Cake ($6.75). Paired with vanilla bean ice cream and fresh strawberries, drizzled in chocolate sauce and sprinkled with powdered sugar, this dark chocolate cake is superb.
Inventive maki, fresh sushi and sashimi, creative saketini cocktails and warm attentive service, Inaho is the Japanese restaurant on Cape Cod not to be missed.
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  1. I need to try this place some time while I'm on the Cape. The cocktails look spectacular as does the sushi and that flourless chocolate cake!

  2. How cute! I love how described someone as a "hoot". I really actually really did "LOL"

  3. Wow that sushi looks amazing!! And I'll take a French Martini please! Looks like it was a lovely birthday dinner : )


    Ps- If you're ever at the other end of the Cape and want sushi and good (strong) drinks in Provincetown, head to the Monkey Bar! Love that place!

  4. Wow, wonderful looking sushi at this place!

  5. Awesome sushi. Those dishes look perfectly presented. Nothing beats good sushi for a great night out.

    You really wear that black dress. Great photos.

    I agree with you about Natasha, she did an awesome job with her Luxury meal.

  6. Everything looks wonderful. I would devour the eel! Hot dress!

  7. I really shouldn't have read this post before lunch; I'm so hungry now!
    It all looks gorgeous! And I've never been a massive fan of sushi, but I keep trying it and liking more and more.
    Also, thank you for the comment on my holiday photos! Majorca is actually a little island off the coast of Spain. =]
    Anyway, nice to "meet" you!

  8. All 3 of you are so gorgeous! Your mom looks fab! I love sushi, am a sucker for unagi and anago, eel, eel, eel! That server should change her name to Serverina, ba ha ha! XX!

  9. Looks like a great time and what beautiful pictures of you with your sis and mom!

  10. All of this sushi looks SO delicious!!! I might have to venture out for sushi for lunch today!

  11. I am not a big fan of sushi but those cocktails are looking delicious

  12. Oh this is torture. The food looks soooooooooo good!

  13. Look at the three of you... you guys are gorgeous!! And that chocolate cake... YUMM! Oh how I wish I were in Boston too so that we could hit all the fabulous local restaurants!

    Thanks for you comment about LOCATION CENTRAL! Can you tell your Boston blogger friends to fill add their information? I'm so excited about getting more of us added!! :-)

  14. This looks so amazing. I'm STARVING. I love some good sushi and the saketini's have swept me away to never never cocktail land. I neeeeeed to try these!!


  15. Sushi and drinks in V shaped glasses? My kind of night out :)

  16. AAAAH! luckily I'm going for sushi today after work or else I would be SO jealous. Awesome dishes :) and I also love it that you usually have a cocktail with a meal, what a great habit. I would love it too but cocktails are not that common here in food restaurants.

  17. The photos you took of the sushi look super-cool!

  18. Beautiful foods and beautiful people!
    It must have been an awesome night.

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