Monday, July 23, 2012


This week is for some favorites that never got the praise they deserved while I was living in the North End. From cappuccinos to serene street corners, it's the details that made it such a wonderful neighborhood to live. Enjoy the preview, lots more to come!
1 | Caffe Vittoria
2 | Fleet Street
3 | Dino's
4 | North Square
5 | Pizzeria Regina
6 | Parmenter Street 


  1. I am loving these farewell blog posts. :-)

  2. Jon swears by the slices at Regina's! We actually brought a whole pie home on the T once. I'm sure people loved having to smell that (whoops!)

  3. Such a nice tribute to the North End! Looking forward to similar posts!

  4. There is a lot to miss about the N.End but I'm glad you're enjoying your new neighborhood too!

  5. Beautiful pictures! That pizza shot has me craving some right now :)

  6. Love it. I'll definitely be doing a lot reminiscing of my own over the next few months. I never got to Regina pizza, I'd love to at some point.

  7. Aw. I love this idea. I should have done something similar when I left Inman.