Monday, June 8, 2015

Coki Beach | St. Thomas

We interrupt this regularly scheduled [Cleveland] programming to take you back to St Thomas.

When I blog about travel I can't always write about every single experience, every meal, every beach, every adventure. Sometimes I reminisce on past trips and a memory or meal sparks that never made it here (and that's OK) but, other times, it's not! (You need to see Coki Beach! I wanted to post these fun pictures, I just never had the time.) I write this blog largely in part because I want to remember. It's for you guys, but it's also for me. So months later, here we are. 

After we returned from Virgin Gorda, we had the weekend to spend on St Thomas.  We booked a last minute hotel room via airbnb on the east end of the island at The Elysian Beach Resort. While brunching at The Caribbean Fish Market and going through some local magazines, we narrowed it down to a couple beaches where we wanted to spend our last day. Coki was closer, so we had the front desk call a cab and we were off!

This beach is far from the quiet scenes we were used to on Virgin Gorda and Anegada. Coki is still relaxing, yet bustling with a party scene, with families, all of the above. I liked the change of pace. A line up of brightly colored, weathered wood beachfront bars and lean-to stands serve local fare and cold beers. We rented lounge chairs for $5 and a waiter delivers mango and strawberry-kiwi daiquiris. For lunch we enjoyed a tasty local dish of jerk chicken, plantains and rice. 

While there's a mix of tourists and islanders, this is definitely a the place to rub elbows with the locals - and, clearly, the fish! Coki is a perfect spot for beginner snorkelers, being a shallow cove with clear, calm waters and a soft, sandy bottom. The fish are particularly fond of Milkbones (a local vendor sells them) and they will eat right from your hands! We got such a kick out of this.

East End, St Thomas 
00802, U.S. Virgin Islands


  1. The fish are so beautiful! I can't believe how close they are!

  2. As always, your photos are stunning and give me such trip envy!

  3. Love Coki Beach. This was my first beach scuba dive. I was rewarded by a fresh mango smoothie from a highly decorated and colorful beach truck vendor. I love the close up fish photos - so fun!