Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Westside Market | Cleveland

I've been gushing about Cleveland for a solid month now, and still there is more! 

The group was given a lot of time one early morning to spend at the historic Westside Market - and I couldn't have been happier to explore all the food stalls, perusing and snapping photographs at my leisure. If you can believe it, what you see here is just a small depiction of the 100 or so family run vendor stalls selling everything from meat, breads, dairy and seafood to nuts, spices, olive oils, perogies and pastries. There's even a creperie where I purchased a delicious ham, egg and gruyere crepe. Located conveniently next to it is a gourmet coffee roaster stall where a frothy cappuccino was in order. With my breakfast treats, I ventured upstairs to hang out on the balcony overlooking the grand yellow brick and white subway tiled space, the morning sunlight streaming through the high windows. I also managed to take home some phenomenal homemade pastas - papardelle and two fettuccine: rye and lemon pepper, from the Ohio City Pasta stall. (Luckily, our luxury bus had a built in cooler, and our hotel rooms were equipped with a full fridge, so, the pasta was still fantastic by the time I got it home to Boston!) If I lived in Cleveland, I'd be grocery shopping here regularly.

Westside Market is the cities oldest continually operating public market, opened in 1912 to serve the growing immigrant population. 100+ years later, they continue to offer a friendly, culturally diverse shopping experience.

Hours: Mon & Wed: 7am-4pm / Fri & Sat: 7am-6pm

Ohio City
1979 W 25th St,
Cleveland, Ohio 44113


  1. That is an amazing space! I love that they have Wellfleets. :)

  2. this makes me excited for the new market downtown!

  3. Ohio Market looks like quite a culinary experience! Such a fine opportunity to capture the beautiful foods on the camera.

  4. Really wish I hadn't read this while starving at my desk. This looks like a blast!