Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Cleveland Museum of Art

The world-renowned collections at The Cleveland Museum of Art were really impressive. The first thing to check out is Gallery One - directly to your left at the entrance. The revolutionary interactive space blends art and technology; among it the largest multi-touch micro-tile screen in the US - a 40 foot collection wall which displays over 4,000 images of objects from the permanent collection. It's pretty amazing what they have going on here - you won't find anything like this at another museum.

Touring the galleries was a major highlight of my time in Cleveland, I only wish we had more time to explore on our own, as I left with just a taste of what the vast exhibits had to offer. Our guide was very niche focused; and I'm more the museum-goer that likes to wander at my own pace, as opposed to listening or lingering (for too long) about what someone else deems important. Our leisurely lunch at Provenance was a nice time, although not the most memorable meal of the trip for me. The local cheese plate was lovely, the clam chowder was disappointing (a harsh New England critic, still I expected a little more of a briny flavor profile) and my bowl of mussels were good, standard. (I know a lot of the crew really enjoyed their lunch, though!) Essentially what I am saying is that I was so enthralled by the art that this museum has to offer, I want to go back, and spend less time at lunch. 

The museum is FREE! (Although some exhibits may required you to purchase a ticket)

University Circle
11150 East Boulevard
Cleveland, OH 44106

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  1. I love that the museum is free! This seems like another really cool spot in Cleveland. Who knew?!

  2. So cool that the museum is free! Sad that the food looked delicious but didn't taste great.

  3. I know what you mean about viewing a museum at your own pace. I love the African Art exhibit.