Tuesday, February 12, 2013

nemo's wake

Give it up for the s n o w !

I love how the early morning light hits the buildings on the right side of the street. And how piercingly blue that side of the sky was at 7am. And how pretty Charlestown is in general, with the gas lamps burning and rows of historic houses.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

still here

Ten days into February and finally some inspiration. There was a walk during the early hours of the blizzard Friday evening and attempting to traipse through the backyard under a good two to three feet of snow the next morning. But mostly it has been time spent indoors, I'm still icing a painful foot injury sustained sometime towards the end of this night; what a wedding though! 

Long Trail, a cheese board with manchego, ricotta salata, creamy havarti, pecans and fig spread, Frangelico spiked hot chocolate, and greasy bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches also make an appearance. 

More of Nemo coming soon!