Saturday, June 30, 2018

Poipu | Kauai

Hawai'i is so much GOODNESS AND BEAUTY. And Honeymooning?! Another level of bliss. 
We were married in Vermont on a perfect May 26th and departed for the state of Hawai'i exactly a week later. Getting there (6 hours to LAX and another 6 to LIH) was a mild travel day in comparison to our last trip across the Pacific! We traveled first to the lush garden isle of Kaua'i and then to the tropical gathering place Oahu

Our first destination in the South of Kauai was a popular town called Poip'u. Poipu is conveniently located from the airport in Lihue and lends itself well to that initial honeymoon relaxation stage. Ahhh we did it - let's chill on a beach...but...wait...not for too long; because there's so much to do here! Poipu is also convenient for helicopter touring and exploring the must visit western part of the island: Waimea Canyon and Koke'e State Park. 

We stayed in a charming Airbnb condo at Kiahuna Plantation. From here it was a short walk to a pretty beach cove (where we hung all morning with an adorable Monk Seal) and a quick drive to the main shops, art gallerys and restaurants. All the flower photos I took in our beautifully maintained yard at Kiahuna but make no mistake, the island is filled with flower trees and it's absolutely spectacular. 

But probably the best thing about our location is that it was right across the street from Little Fish Coffee!! From the Honey Nutmeg Latte to the Midnight Marauder (4 shots of espresso, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla, over ice) to the acai bowls (various combinations of pineapple, banana, granola, coconut flakes, chocolate chips, peanut better, etc) and bagels with egg, tomato and homemade cream cheese, Little Fish is a can't miss. We enjoyed breakfast on the teal blue deck all three mornings in Poipu. 
We were up early due to the time change, so sitting on the beach until 11 am already felt like a full day. When the helicopter tour company (we had booked for two days later) called and offered us guaranteed front row seats on the 3pm tour, we were game! (Those photos next!) Lunch before the 'copter ride was at Hamura Saimin. We definitely found ourselves in a local, hole in the wall, family run haunt and I loved it. Saimin is basically Hawaiian Ramen and at Hamura's it is really, really good. 

A noteworthy dinner was at Eating House 1849 by Roy Yamaguchi. Edamame is delivered first in lieu of the bread course, it is served cold and crisp with a mild spice. Roy's Blackened Island Ahi proved to be exceptional over chilled soba noodle salad, spicy soy mustard and butter sauce. Also the Tavern Style Fried Chicken - which might seem like an odd choice for Hawaii night 1 but with goat cheese mashed potatoes, local kale and 1849 gravy, it's not a bad option! The macadamia nut blondie was a decadent dessert. 

 A few more glamour shots in Poip'u before we move on....

Don't forget to have a Mai Tai on the lawn at The Beach House. Also be sure to check out Koloa Rum Distillery for a free tasting and to stock up on local Rum for the rest of your trip!