Saturday, June 18, 2022

Calle de la Fortaleza + Seafood Mofongo

Calle de la Fortaleza (x Calle del Christo) is where the well known umbrella street is located, except in this instance it was bells! A rotating cast of beautiful hanging installations in repetition are sure to make your must-stroll-by list on a visit to OSJ.

We grabbed lunch right outside the pretty purple, gold and pastel rainbow bells canopy at La Danza. I had my first Seafood Mofongo and yes your girl loves a Medalla Light. There's always that one local beer and I'll always be drinkin' it! The mountain of shrimp, scallops + shellfish atop my Mofongo, the official Puerto Rican dish of mashed plantains with salt, garlic, broth and olive oil was terrific; very fresh and very flavorful.

We continued the leisurely afternoon stroll down Calle de Tetuan, Calle de San Francisco and more. The boys napped and we shopped. Old San Juan is not very big but there is so much to take in. I'm glad we decided to spend four nights here! 

Friday, June 17, 2022

Paseo de la Princesa

A leisurely morning in Old San Juan started at Mercado La Carreta for iced coffees, sour cherry mimosas, and incredible Umami Toast - a little discovery that I'm proclaiming a dish worth seeking out. Sourdough bread with goat cheese, smoked salmon, sweet plantains, pickled onion, avocado and a fried egg with eel sauce on top - incredible! Camden enjoyed French fries and milk, Ryder napped!

We took the boys to the playground on Paseo La Princesa on more than one occasion! Camden loved it there. We continued down La Paseo to the waterfront and around the border of El Morro and back. It's a picturesque stroll, but, make sure to bring lots of water if you embark on it. Even though you are down by the water it is full sun, HOTTT, and no exit (for strollers or handicap) on the other side. The best exit point is at the huge city gate, where you can then continue up to Calle de la Fortazela....(next post!)

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Castillo San Fellipe del Morro

We really enjoyed exploring both historical forts that once protected Spanish ruled Old San Juan from seaborn enemies. El Morro is the more popular and bustling site, situated at the Northwestern part of the city. Camden was elated to be running around here! And the views are extraordinary. Castillo San Cristobal is the seemingly less energetic and quieter spot. Wait literally...both the boys were napping by the time we meandered over. Most of my photos are from our time at El Morro, but then we had this romantic lil couples photo shoot at San Cristobal followed by naptime cocktails!

Me as we exit the fort..."Bob, the kids are still asleep. COCKTAILS. ASAP."

Found this dreamy little spot. Marilyn's. Mojito for him, Caipirinha for her. 

Ryder awoke to join the fun! (And proceeded to eat a plant!?) It was good timing for Rye as the little cherub (@ 5 months) takes 3 naps a day and is an angel baby when he wakes up. Camden is often cranky post nap, praise be he slept all the way through happy hour.

Is there a cuter + happier baby?

 Day 1 and feeling like we've got this travelling with 2 kids thing down - we're glad the boys are instantly having so much fun!